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2008 timescale for target phases

Posted by thepeteplan on April 13, 2008

I have now consulted the calendar and split the time between now and the British Indoor Rowing Championships on 26th October 2008 into phases.

Intial target – Marathon:

Saturday 19th April

Phase 1 – Half Marathon / 60mins:

21st April to 31st May 2008 – 6 weeks – the first 6 weeks will aim for a HM and / or 60min erg test in the week ending 31st May 2008. Noone else following this periodised training programme will be obliged to row over 60mins in one session during this phase, but I expect many will want to complete a fast HM.

Phase 2 – 10k / 30mins:

2nd June to 12th July 2008 – 6 weeks – the next 6 weeks will aim for a 10k and 30min erg test in the week ending 12th July 2008. Each athletes will prioritise either the 10k or 30mins for the final week, and do the other in the penultimate week.

Phase 3 – 5k / 6k:

14th July to 30th August 2008 – 7 weeks – this 7 week stage will aim at both a 6k and a 5k test in the week ending 30th August 2008. Each athlete will do the two tests in that order with a 6k test 1 to 2 weeks before the end of this phase, and a 5k to finish the phase.

Phase 4 – 2k:

1st September to 26th October 2008 – 8 weeks – the final 8 week stage will lead us up to BIRC. There will be no obligation for anyone to actually compete at BIRC, and indeed some may well be aiming for races slightly later in the season such as the European’s in Rome in January, or the World’s in Boston in February. If training goes well I would like to do one or other of those races too.

Athletes following this training:

The athletes following this full training schedule with me have all been following Pete Plan Coaching for some time now, and we will all gain a lot from the added motivation of regular testing as we move through the year’s training. We all have different commitments, motivations, strengths and weaknesses, and as such will not be following identical training routines during the year. I hope that, where possible, we will be able to get together occasionally for the tests at the end of each phase. Of the 7 of us who have currently confirmed we will be following this periodisation one is in New Zealand, one in the USA, and one in Scotland, so I don’t suppose we will all manage to get together!

I have updated the “Pete’s training” blog page to reflect these timescales, and the goals discussed on Friday:


5 Responses to “2008 timescale for target phases”

  1. Jamie Pfeffer said

    This is brilliant, Pete. We’re in the best of hands. Thank you very much.

  2. davcra said

    Agree wholeheartedly with jamie. Looks like a great schedule. I think getting together for some of the tests would be very motivational…also good to put names to faces. I’m happy to host a get together in Chiswick (west London) if people are up for it and the logistics work.


  3. atomiqsix said

    very wise approach Pete, years of experimenting and experience pays back, I’ll be watching closely how your athletes perform next season…

    I’m switching to wordpress after consideration for loads of options it gives, I’ll be following my periodized plan up to Autumn logging, comparing, experimenting to see what works best for the future. I’ll be on

    There was a talk after Open Ltw WR in Boston on what is the best economical rate for 2k. Have anyone checked which one it is at constant 2k pace meaning at what rate the avg HR is the lowest? I’d love to find out.

    Happy erging, Pete


  4. shirleygkn said

    A terrific programme, really looking forward to it.

    If/when I arrive over in the UK (from NZ) I’ll therefore expect everyone (even from Scotland!) to turn up for a session together…. (maybe a BIRC?).


  5. Iain Greenwood said

    I won’t follow your lead for the FM (we have already discussed a 5k and I have only done an hour once!) and may have to reschedule the HM as I will struggle to find the time in one block, but I would like to follow the rest if you think this will fit my needs, even if I am a recent joiner (only on week 5 from a very low start) and so don’t fit your criteria above.

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