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Back to the grind

Posted by thepeteplan on July 28, 2014

I have been quiet on the blogging front for the past few weeks as I have been hard at work and just treading water with the training. I started a part time masters degree in mid 2011 and have been chipping away one class at a time, skipping a term here and there when work commitments means I couldn’t fit in the work. This past 3 months has been the last taught class of the degree, and this morning I handed in the three papers for this final class. So now I am not only done for the summer, I have completed the taught element of the degree. It has been a busy time at work too, but I have found enough time to get through the uni work and get it done. Training has had to take a back seat though, not because I haven’t had time to train 4 or 5 times a week, but just because I’ve not had the energy to push the training very hard. Apart from anything else, when I train hard it leaves me tired, and I’ve not had the time to be tired! “All” that is left now is the thesis to complete the masters degree, starting in September. For now though, 7 or 8 weeks without having to think about it at all, and so time and energy to get back to hard training.

No time like the present, so straight into it this afternoon with a tough interval set:

5 x 1250m / 3:30 rest:
4:14.7 / 1:41.8 / 30
4:13.8 / 1:41.5 / 31
4:14.5 / 1:41.8 / 31
4:14.3 / 1:41.7 / 31
4:11.4 / 1:40.5 / 32
6250m = 21:08.7 / 1:41.4 / 31



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