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From Boston to BIRC

Posted by thepeteplan on March 23, 2012

Matthew comments on my last blog entry, a little over a month ago now, asking whether I could update on what I’ve been doing since Boston in the run up to BIRC this Sunday. The lack of entries have been for two, mostly unrelated,  reasons. Injury and lack of time – some relation in that both meant little training!

I’m sure I posted before that I was suffering with an intercostal / rib injury. The pain during the row in Boston, and slow time because of it, caused me to take the next two weeks off to let it completely recover. Since then I then did much of the next 10 day to 2 weeks of just steady 10k rows each day, starting at low drag (120) and gradually increasing every few sessions. Only in the past few days have I put a little speed back into the training, and moved back to my normal drag of 129.

So I don’t expect too much from my BIRC performance, but I am now completely injury free. I do expect to beat the 6:29 I did in Boston, though not by very much!

Lack of time wise, I started a new job on 1st February. From May 2011 to the end of Jan 2012 I had been working in Liverpool, doing a weekly 480mile round trip to the office, and living in a hotel during the week. General tiredness, fatigue, and back nutrition was not conducive to good training, and as a result I was slow and fat by the time I got to Boston a month ago. 5 weeks on from Boston I am still slow and fat, but not quite so fat, and not quite so slow. Well, not injured anyway, though I had done a lot more speed work for Boston so was actually really faster then, apart from on race day! But now settling in to the new job, with just a 30mile commute each way each day, getting back into a routine with the training is much easier. Once BIRC is out of the way my plan is not to race during the summer and just concentrate on getting fitter and thinner again.


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