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PP08 starts here

Posted by thepeteplan on April 21, 2008

The page titled “Pete’s Training” details my training plan and goals for the next 6 months leading up to BIRC on October 26th 2008. Following the successful marathon on Saturday it is now time to begin on that periodised training programme with phase 1, a 6 week training phase aiming at a half marathon test piece.


The first session on the plan for this week is the session I tried out last week.

4k = 14:56.1 / 1:52.0 / 25

2min rest

4 x 500m / 2min rest:

1:33.9 / 34

1:33.9 / 35

1:33.8 / 35

1:33.8 / 35

2min rest

4k = 14:55.9 / 1:51.9 / 25

We will be using two sessions on a similar format to this, as discussed previously, to keep some training at around 2k pace and 5k pace in our training routines. With 10k total distance it’s still a good endurance session, and not a problem to fit in your lunchhour.


Tomorrow evening I will be having my first go on rowpro, a piece of software allowing you to connect your concept2 rowing machine to your computer and row against other people around the world. We’ll be doing a 10k tomorrow evening at 7pm UK time (6pm GMT), so join in if you’re able. I have just taken the 20 day free trial currently, and if I think it’s good I will purchase the software before the end of the trial period to carry on with it.

Following PP08:

This final comment is prompted by an email from one of the people I’m coaching on PP08 about how freely he can blog his training, and whether it would then enable other people to follow it for free. I have no problem at all if people want to use the information I, or anyone else following my training routines, blog to follow the same training programme. The added benefit people get who pay me for coaching is realistic targets for every session to ensure they get the training effect I desire from the session, and to make sure that from the plan as a whole they are training at the correct level for them personally. The programmes even for people following PP08 vary depending on people’s other commitments, motivations and personal goals. So follow at your own risk in terms of overtraining and pacing the session at the correct level, but if you wish to do so then there is no problem at all. As we finish each stage of PP08 the full details will be available on this blog anyway.

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