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Training, work, travel, coaching

Posted by thepeteplan on July 26, 2012

Training, work, travel, coaching – they all go hand in hand really and either dictate or are dictated by time available.

Training: I haven’t blogged for some time, partly because I’ve not been doing any very hard sessions on the erg and partly because I’ve been fitting training in at odd times around other commitments and just not had the time. Up until going on holiday 3 weeks ago I was doing a mix of erg and running sessions for CV work, and the odd kettle bell session thrown in too. The first week of my holiday unfortunately coincided with the last week of my masters degree term, so I only managed one erg session that week, and none the second week needing the relaxation time! Since getting back a few days ago due to jetlag I have fitted sessions in at odd times of the day – a 30min at 5.30am on Tuesday, and a 2k (+wu etc) last night at 9.30pm!

Work / travel: Work continues to be busy and so tiring, but the main impact on training here is the commute making for fairly long days and the work travel. I have been in the job exactly 6 months now with 2 US trips so far, and 2 more due in the first half of September. Training is virtually impossible during these trips.

Coaching: The last training group I ran was the 5k group that officially ended perhaps a couple of months ago now. Up to that group I had run training groups back to back for a couple of years. There are a couple of reasons why I haven’t run another group following that one – no good targets for the end of a group, not enough time to consider the format for a new group, and partly because I feed off my own training for the coaching. This was the first group without a fixed race ending point as there was no Farnborough 5k race this year, and the training groups just don’t have the same focus without a race at the end. They have been very successful though in terms of performance of all of the athletes that have taken part in them, so I will run another one at some point leading up to the big races. I am open to suggestions in the mean time, and still do a very limited amount of individual coaching plans.

Other: Off to watch the Olympic rowing on Saturday, should be fun! I am not looking forward to increased traffic on the roads during the Olympics though, driving past Heathrow each way to and from work is already bad enough this week without people actually driving to events too!


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