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The main blog title is “Lunch hour”, because the Pete Plan was first devised as a training programme where all the sessions could be completed within my lunch hour at work. Throughout my time as an indoor rower, beginning in mid 2001, I have always completed the majority of my training sessions in my work gym during my lunch hour. I have competed every season since including the British Indoor Rowing Championships, the World Indoor Rowing Championships and many regional races.

I first published “The Pete Plan” in 2004 on the Concept2 UK training forum. It was derived from my adaptions of a number of training methods, with the main aspects coming from the Wolverine plan. The training I was doing successfully got me to a race 2k performance of 6:11.8 (British Grand Prix series), and a number of other sub 6:15 race performances. I started informally coaching erg athletes in mid 2005, and formally began to offer an erg coaching service when I started this blog in January 2008.

I am a Concept2 qualified Instructor and Crew Class Instructor, and am the Coach of the Great Britain Indoor Rowing Team competing in the World Indoor Rowing Championships in 2011. I am a member of the MAD Team indoor rowing club, and I hold the mixed pairs 100km world record.

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