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Posted by thepeteplan on April 30, 2008

I made a comment on a health and fitness forum at work that I thought I could run a half marathon in under 1hr45, without any specific running training. The context of the comment isn’t too important, but someone replied with “no you can’t, prove it”. I’m not going to just go out and run a half marathon to prove a point, so to do one I will do some running training on the side to actually run a reasonably fast half marathon. A further challenge was to run a half marathon closer to a colleagues pb (1hr22) than he can row a half marathon slower than my pb (1hr15). I’m writing about this now in order to put into context when some of my erg times are a bit slower due to the additional running training, rather than just doing it quietly on the side.

Erg training:

10k = 35:49.8 / 1:47.4 / 26

2k splits:

1:49.8 / 26

1:48.8 / 26

1:47.9 / 27

1:46.8 / 27

1:44.0 / 28

Running training:

My initial aim with the running is to run once every 3 days on average, on top of the normal rowing schedule. So far I have done the same running route 3 times:

24th April = 39min 40sec

27th April = 38min 25sec

30th April = 39min 05sec

Tonight’s run was a little slower than Sunday’s due to the rain, and the “bogginess” of the cross country half of the route I’m running. The route is somewhere between 9 and 10km, but at this stage I’m not too bothered exactly as long as the general trend is getting faster (or at least easier). After a few more runs I will add an extra lap of the cross country element that will add another 15 to 20mins to the run.

Bike training:

I also did my first session on the turbo trainer last night for a few weeks:

30mins = 11.7miles / 268watts average / 23.4mph average

I need to incorporate some bike training into the routine too as I would like to take part in one or two of the rowathlon series races this year. To make this easier I’m going to buy a new bike sometime in the next couple of weeks so I can cycle to and from work on a regular basis, and make at least some of the training more time efficient.

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