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Pimp my erg

Did you buy your rowing machine direct from concept2, take it out of the packaging, and immediately begin training on it? No custom paint scheme, or personalised graphics? The permanent changes are probably best to stay away from or you might affect your resale value in the future (unless you are a World Record holder like “Rocket” Roy Brook, when signing the machine could increase the value), but there are a number of great accessories available that could enhance your erging experience.


The one accessory that I would never be without is the c-breeze:


I own two (one black and one blue). One is permanently fitted to my model D at home, and one I carry with me in my gym bag for use in the gym. They are available from Paul Smith’s website here (just click on c-breeze on the left menu):

It is the best £20 you will spend.

Check back here as more erging accessories are added, and for my unbiased view on their use or effectiveness (I have no connection to the suppliers of any erging accessories, and do not receive any commissions for products I will mention on this page).

Some properly pimped ergs:

The two ergs above were pimped by US motocross riders who use them in their physical training, some of them it seems follow the Pete Plan!

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