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The final session

Posted by thepeteplan on April 17, 2008

With the marathon now 2 days away today was my last training session, with a planned rest day tomorrow. I wanted to try out another session to get an idea of pacing for it to use it during the early stages of our group periodised training routine beginning on Monday.


4k = 15:02.9 / 1:52.8/ 25

2min rest

4 x 500m / 2min rest:

1:34.3 / 34

1:34.2 / 33

1:34.2 / 34

1:34.1 / 34

2min rest

4k = 15:03.1 / 1:52.8 / 25

The idea behind this type of session is to keep some faster paced work in the early stages of our periodised training routine, but as part of a longer endurance session. We will be doing two types of session like this, one with roughly 2k paced work in the middle, one with roughly 5k paced work in the middle, but each surrounded by steady distance pieces to make up a solid endurance session overall. Neither session will be done weekly, just often enough to retain the ability to row at these paces.

Blog updates:

I have some new content to add to the blog at some point soon including a 24 week “beginner Pete Plan” laid out as an introductory standalone programme for people new to erg training. All the sessions are laid out for the full 24 week period with 3 core sessions and 2 optional sessions each week. I will add this tonight, so take a look at the new page “Beginner Training” for details. I will discuss the other new content over the next few days.

Marathon thoughts:

My one marathon before is the only row I have tried sitting on a towel during, and I will do the same on Saturday. Apart from glute pain the biggest problem will be dehydration (and to a less extent fuelling), and so I plan to stay as cool as possible to minimise this. I’ll be using my c-breeze of course, but will also take a fan with me incase the room is hot (I have a 75mile drive each way to the venue we’re rowing the marathon in). My drinking plan is the same as for my last marathon – I will have both water and carbohydrate / electrolite drinks next to me and will drink from them alternately. I will start off taking a drink every 5k, gradually then drinking more often in the later stages. I can cope with the dehydration, and won’t drink too much as I won’t actually stop to drink, but the mental effect of both breaking the distance up like this between drink stops, and of just wetting my mouth, will help. If I drink during an erg I always do it the same way, moving my left hand to the centre of the handle, taking a bottle in my right hand one stroke, drinking and swallowing a mouthful the next stroke, then taking a further mouthful on the third stroke and putting the bottle back down getting back up to speed. Then I can slowly swallow the second mouthful over the next couple of strokes. This way only 3 strokes are slower, and the average split won’t have chance to change really.

When I have done sports physiology trials like the recent heat trial you are asked periodically to rate perceived effort and sometimes heat or discomfort in various areas of the body. I will aim to do this in my head every few km’s to rate the effort level in different part of my body, and the fatigue. This is for two reason – to objectively know whether I’m tiring too much, but also to allow me to register early if I’m feeling the fatigue too much in one area so my technique can be adjusted accordingly. The good thing about rowing at a relatively slow pace is that you have scope to alter variables like stroke length, and place more emphasis on different muscle groups through the stroke – for example rowing periods with greater body lean and less leg compression, if required. This sort of modifications I believe can get me through any tough patches and still maintain pace.

The current top time in the world rankings for this season (ending in April) for the 30-39 heavyweight marathon is 2 hours 38mins 52.2seconds, or about 50seconds faster than my pb. This is a pace of 1:52.9, and so my aim will be to beat this time. Therefore I will try to keep the average split on 1:52.9 throughout.

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