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2008 goals

Posted by thepeteplan on April 10, 2008

Today’s training:

10k = 35:45.8 / 1:47.2 / 26

2k splits = 1:47.6, 1:47.5, 1:47.4, 1:47.2, 1:46.5 (all 26spm)

Clean and press: 40kg, 3 sets of 8

2008 goals:

Tomorrow is the final day of the exercise in heat trial, and so training can get back to normal from next week. Therefore it is time to set my goals for the rest of 2008, timescales for them, and how I plan to achieve them. Many of my personal best times were set towards the end of 2003 and in 2004, and at 30 years old I am certainly not past my physical best, I’m not there yet. Therefore I plan on revising a number of my pbs over the coming year.


I rowed my one and only erg marathon in November 2004 in a time of 2 hours 39mins 43.2 seconds, a split time of 1:53.6 at 26spm. I will row my second marathon on Saturday 19th April 2008. My aim will be to beat my previous time. I haven’t done any specific training to achieve this, I haven’t even rowed over 10k in a single day for well over a month. But I know I can do this, and mental belief is a large part of achieving a goal.

Half marathon & 60mins:

My half marathon personal best time is 74mins 58.7seconds, a split time of 1:46.6, and my 60min pb is 17116m, a split time of 1:45.2. The next stage after the marathon will be aiming at beating these two pbs, but the 60mins especially is a much tougher target than the marathon or half marathon. I won’t keep going endlessly until I achieve these two goals, I will put a time limit on this stage to get the best time I can, and then move on. The exact time scales I will work out over the next few days, but this stage will last around 6 weeks.

10k & 30mins:

My 10k personal best is 34:22.2, a split time of 1:43.1, and my 30mins pb is 8750m or 1:42.8 pace.  The next stage will be to move onto training to beat these two times. Following the 6 week or so working up to the half marathon and 60mins I don’t think this stage will be as difficult, but again this will be a 4 to 6 week stage.

6k & 5k:

My 6k pb is 20:04.1, a 1:40.3 split time, and my 5k pb is 16:33.6, a 1:39.4 split time. The next phase will focus on these two distances, following a slightly abbreviated version of the 5k training plan on the blog. My main aim in this stage will be to try and break 20mins for the 6k. This stage will be somewhere between 6 and 8 weeks in length.

2k, 1k & 500m:

Depending on the timing against races like BIRC, I will then move onto 2k training, incorporting some of the sprint intervals on the sprint / HIIT page on the blog. If there is sufficient time before BIRC I will aim to set pb’s at 1k and 500m first using the sprint training, otherwise leave those to after BIRC. My 1k pb is 2:56.0, a split time of 1:28.0. My 500m pb is 1:20.6. My 2k pb is 6:11.8, or a 1:33.0 split time.

Achieving the goals:

As I said in relation to the marathon goal next weekend, mental belief that you can achieve the goals is a very large part of doing so. Without mental belief that your training will enable you to achieve your targets you set yourself up to fail them. If you do not currently have that belief in your training method, consider seriously using a different method.

Some of my coaching group have very similar aims to me and as such some of us will be following a broadly similar periodisation of our training over the year, and hopefully aiming to start and finish each phase within the same week. The paces will obviously be different, and some of the sessions will be different, but by doing core sessions the same each week it will help us to motivate each other.

By the time I sit down to complete the marathon next weekend I will put down on paper timescales for each of these phases of training over the year, and have determined exactly who in my coaching group will be along for the ride.

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