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Negative split distance

Posted by thepeteplan on April 23, 2008

The plan for today’s session was simple – a 12k increasing pace by 1sec each 2k. Even with a day off on Sunday I have done 80k in the past 4 days, double my normal daily average. Therefore my legs are feeling a little bit tired, so I picked a slightly slower starting pace than I might if fresh.


12k = 43:45.9 / 1:49.4 / 26

2k splits:

1:51.9 / 25

1:50.9 / 25

1:49.9 / 26

1:48.9 / 26

1:47.9 / 27

1:46.8 / 28

So that’s 92k in 5 days so far (including the day off) – I will be ready for my rest day by Sunday. The day is not over yet though, I’m doing a short rowpro session later on to row a 1k with a guy who is doing a challenge of 40 x 1k pieces in 40 days, all done at below his 2k pace (1:40). It doesn’t sound too hard when you first view it, but 1k at your best 2k pace is pretty fatiguing, and to do it 40days in a row will get tough. I hope I will be able to row along with him again later in the challenge. My plan is to row the 1k at my 2k pb pace also (1:33.0) so he knows someone else is suffering alongside him.

Speaking of rowpro, I paid the $99 to get the full version for the simple reason that otherwise I only show up in the race listings as “evaluation user”. It seems like a good motivation tool so will be worth it, but I could have used another 2 weeks on the evaluation version if I wanted to. Once I’ve used it a few more times I will write a review of it on the “pimp my erg” blog page.

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