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2k training – week 2

Posted by thepeteplan on September 26, 2011


4mins = 1272m / 1:34.3 / 33
1min splits:
1:34.3 / 34
1:35.2 / 33
1:35.5 / 32
1:32.3 / 34


45mins = 11686m / 1:55.5 / 22


5 x 750m / 3:30 rest:
2:28.4 / 1:38.9 / 30
2:26.8 / 1:37.8 / 31
2:25.3 / 1:36.8 / 31
2:23.8 / 1:35.8 / 33
2:21.4 / 1:34.1 / 34

12:05.4 / 1:36.7 / 31 / 3750m

Week 2 was finished off with a second attempt at the C2 4min challenge. Happy to be well under 1:35 pace again, but this pace is feeling tougher than I’d like when I really want to be doing a 2k at that pace later in the year. A steady distance piece yesterday, then beginning week 2 with some 750m reps. As these first 2 weeks of core sessions are being used to assess the current standard of the other athletes in the group the targets start of relatively slow, but that didn’t mean that the session felt easy even in the first half! Happy with the pace of the last couple of reps though.


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Keeping up the distance work

Posted by thepeteplan on September 23, 2011

I am still a way out from any major competitions, so although I am now focusing my training on the 2k I don’t want to lose the benefits I’ve been gaining from the longer distance training. So yesterday for my steady distance I did the longest row I’ve done in months, a half marathon.

21097m = 79:28.0 / 1:53.0 / 24
5k splits:
1:53.2 / 24
1:53.3 / 24
1:53.3 / 24
1:53.0 / 24
1:48.8 / 24 (last 1097m)

A fairly comfortable rate and pace combination, and an enjoyable session.

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2k training: Week 1 Session 3

Posted by thepeteplan on September 21, 2011

As with session 1 on Sunday I am sticking to the targets I set everyone else for these initial sessions, and so a negative split approach to the intervals again. This time it was estimate 5k pace, and go for +3, +2, +1, 0 and a fast last. I estimated an ambitious 1:42 pace.

5 x 5mins / 5min rest:
1430m / 1:44.8 / 27
1442m / 1:44.0 / 28
1457m / 1:42.9 / 29
1471m / 1:41.9 / 29
1504m / 1:39.7 / 31

25mins = 7303m / 1:42.6 / 28

Thought it would feel pretty easy, but I can’t say it did. The pace stepped up nicely with the rate though so it can’t have been too bad, just a bit alien going quicker at the moment like the 1k’s on Sunday.

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Next phase = 2k training

Posted by thepeteplan on September 19, 2011

After successfully completing the long distance training phase a week ago my focus has now changed back to the 2k. We are 8 weeks away from both the Nottinghamshire IRC (12th Nov) and the Irish championships (13th Nov), and therefore a convenient period for this focus. I have set up another training group, and have a group of 10 people to train alongside me for this period.

Session 1: Sunday 18th Sep

4 x 1k / 5r:
3:19.7 / 1:39.8 / 29
3:17.9 / 1:38.9 / 30
3:15.7 / 1:37.8 / 31
3:12.0 / 1:36.0 / 32

4k = 13:05.4 / 1:38.1 / 30

I don’t like to start new coached athletes off with too hard a session before I assess their current capabilities. So in order to gather data to set realistic targets I generally prescribe negative split interval sessions in this format for the first week or two, and for a new phase of training I like to do the same for myself both to lead the way, and to assess my own current capabilities.

The instructions for this session were to estimate current 2k pace if you were to do one tomorrow, then do the first 3 reps at 2k+4, 2k+3 and 2k+2 (ie 4, 3 and 2 seconds slower than current 2k pace), with a final faster rep. I assessed my current 2k pace at 1:36.5 and therefore targets of 1:40.5 and so on, but I just couldn’t bring myself not to break 1:40 for rep 1. After 2 reps I would have said that I got the target wrong, and no way could I do a 1:36.5 for 2k at the moment. But once I stepped the rate up in the final rep I was able to push out 1:36s.

Session 2: Monday 19th Sep

10k = 37:29.2 / 1:52.4 / 23
2k splits:
1:53.8 / 23
1:53.1 / 23
1:53.1 / 23
1:52.2 / 24
1:49.9 / 24

At the fast end of slow and steady today as I expect to have to skip training tomorrow due to work commitments.

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If at first you don’t succeed….

Posted by thepeteplan on September 14, 2011

I have neglected updating my blog for a while again. Life remains very busy with work, studies, erg coaching, training, and the rest of the essential things you need to do. Training continued to go well through the 8 week Pete Plan distance training period though, and I concluded the period with a 60min time trial last weekend.

I attended the training day of rival club Sub7 which gave me the opportunity to do the TT alongside Casey, with who I have done a number of longer distance time trials over the past year or so. We made a vital mistake though of assuming that the weather would not change during the hour, so set our ergs up outside with overcast skies. 5 minutes into the row the clouds broke, we had the sun on our backs, and we both proceeded to pour with sweat for the remaining 55mins making the row much harder than it otherwise would have been. My target prior to the row was 16500m, or 1:49.1 pace. It went like this:

60mins = 16420m / 1:49.6 / 26
10min splits:
1:49.3 / 26
1:49.8 / 26
1:50.5 / 26
1:50.3 / 26
1:50.2 / 26
1:47.4 / 27

So essentially staight when the sun came out I had to adjust the pace a little slower, and as a result missed out on my target by some little way. As I had a week scheduled with no fixed plan I decided that the best thing to do would be to repeat the 60mins a few days later and again aim for that 16500m target. This target is at the top end of the predicition indicated from my recent training sessions, but being some way off my all time pb for this duration it is always mentally easier targetting the top end of your capability. So on Tuesday I set out to reattempt the time trial, and this time made the decision to get the average to the 1:49.1 target, and hold it there until either the clock ticked down to zero, or I fell off the erg from exhaustion. It went better the second time.

10min splits:
1:49.1 / 26
1:49.0 / 26
1:49.1 / 26
1:49.1 / 26
1:49.1 / 26
1:45.9 / 28

60mins = 16575m / 1:48.5 / 26

Same erg, same drag, but this time in my own back garden, on my own, and in the shade. A much better conclusion to the 8 weeks of training. The next stop is 8 weeks of 2k focused training up to the Nottinghamshire IRC being held in Newark on 12th November. As such I have set up another 8 week Pete Plan training group to commence next Monday, and have a number of athletes signed up ready to begin that journey with me.

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