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BIRC 2009

Posted by thepeteplan on November 22, 2009

It’s hard getting access to the laptop when you have a BIRC championship record holder in the house – they take priority on blogging…

My race first – as I said in the previous entry I was going to be content with sub 6:20 and happy with 6:17 – as it was I went right in the middle of the range with a 6:18.5. I got a great start then went right to plan on 1:35’s for the majority of the race. I was in 7th place after about 200m, then pulled up to 5th place by 500m in. That’s where it stayed, and 4th pulled out towards 20m ahead, 6th towards 20m behind. As a pb wasn’t on, and I didn’t see a way of catching up to 4th position, I made the decision to wait till the latest possible moment to just pip DCs time – I couldn’t let someone I coach beat me, could I? I had to laugh to myself when I finished to see the identical time as DC had finish in earlier in the day. :lol: Overall I’m happy enough with the time, how I rowed it, and how it felt. I don’t think the splits will be too far away from 1:34.9, 1:34.9, 1:34.9, 1:33.7 as I pretty much kept the average on 1:34.9 for the majority of the first 3/4s of the race.

The day overall was great. In the first race Shirley with the gold, championship record and pb, Hannah with silver and a pb, and Jo with silver (even though disappointed with the time). DC’s great pb was a highlight to watch, as was Stu Williams’ win in the 35-39. Mike Wrenn with a great 7:07, Jen’s bronze in the W30-34, and numerous other great performances. It was a very inspiring event this year to watch friends row great performances, and some of the top names rowing good times too like Debbie Flood and the GB guys.

Not really too much more to say, other than I’m looking forward to the next 2k race now hopefully without the training interuption before it.


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2 days to the British Champs..

Posted by thepeteplan on November 20, 2009

A quick summary of this week’s training first:


The aim of this session was to go enough below planned 2k pace that 2k pace will feel slower on Sunday. This sort of session can be good for the confidence even when you get to a point where you can’t maintain pace (like I did) because when you feel like you’re paddling in, but still sub 2k pace, that’s got to be good. I also limited myself to a maximum of 35 strokes on each rep.

10 x 1min / 2min rest:
333m / 1:29.9 / 35
334m / 1:29.8 / 35
333m / 1:29.9 / 34
333m / 1:29.9 / 34
334m / 1:29.7 / 35
334m / 1:29.7 / 35
333m / 1:29.9 / 35
331m / 1:30.6 / 35
325m / 1:32.3 / 35
324m / 1:32.4 / 34

10mins = 3318m / 1:30.4 / 34

I probably could have held onto the pace if I allowed the rate to rise, but decided I was better off holding the rate steady, and maintaining the 35 stroke cap.

Thursday – 30mins steady, 1:51 / 23 or so.


4 x 500m / 2min rest:
1:33.9 / 32
1:33.7 / 33
1:33.3 / 33
1:32.7 / 33

Just a simple “race pace” type simulation today, and total rest tomorrow before the race on Sunday. My race time is 1040am, so although it’s going to be an early start to get up to Birmingham, the time suits me perfectly as it’s my preferred training time late morning.

As I was away with work last week, and had a cold the week before, I have played down my expectations for the race. As I’ve got back into training this week I’ve actually felt really good though. I think I’m in as good shape as I was in Grimsby when I rowed a 1:32.4 pace for the mile. I don’t think I am quite in good enough shape (physically / mentally – you need both) to row a pb at the moment, but at the same time I don’t think I’m that far off. The past few times, over the past few years, that I’ve felt in shape to break my long standing 2k pb I have tried to attack it and be on pace from the start. This isn’t how I rowed the pb though, so it’s not the best strategy I don’t think. I actually rowed the pb with the majority of the row at 1:34 pace, and a strong last 500m. So my plan for Sunday is similar starting at 1:35’s (or 1:34’s if they feel good, but no faster) for the first 1000m, aiming to get to half way with no negative thoughts. I will be content with sub 6:20, happy with sub 6:17, and extremely happy with sub 6:15. I can get sub 6:17 even if I stick to 1:35’s right to 500m to go (as long as I’m then willing to put 100% in), but for a 6:15 I will need to start picking the pace up from 750m to go. I’ll know at the time which it will be, but I think this is the most sensible race strategy rather than going all out for the pb from the start. That’s the plan anyway, adrenelin does strange things….

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A week of adventure and getting back into training

Posted by thepeteplan on November 16, 2009


warm up = 2510m / 1:50.7 / 24

11 x 250m / 1min rest:
1:32.4 / 32
1:32.2 / 34
1:31.8 / 34
1:31.0 / 34
1:30.8 / 34
1:30.6 / 34
1:32.0 / 34 (missed the start!)
1:30.4 / 34
1:31.0 / 34
1:32.4 / 35 (missed the start!)
1:25.8 / 41 (was to be 10 reps, but had to do a fast one to finish!)

2750m = 8:20.2 / 1:30.9 / 34


warm up = 2723m / 1:51.0 / 24

2 x 1k / 3min rest:
3:07.1 / 1:33.5 / 33
3:07.7 / 1:33.8 / 33

Total = 6:14.8 / 1:33.7 / 33


30:04 = 8108m / 1:51.3 / 23
Pretty tough forcing yourself back into it after a week off and with jetlag.

A quick trip summary:

I can’t remember if I mentioned much about my work trip away last week, so this summary may or may not make much sense!

Day1: Flew from UK to Keflavik, Iceland, to begin with where we spent only 45mins or so for refuel (about 3.5hrs flight time). Then on to Halifax, Nova Scotia for the night stop (about another 7hrs flight time). Picked up from the airport in a limo and taken to our hotel then out for a few beers and a steak.

Day2: Up early to fly from Halifax to Minneapolis (about 5hrs flight time) where we went through US customs and got some fuel. Then on to Yuma, Arizona, where we’d be located for a few days. Picked up by a convoy of mini vans from the airport there and taken to our hotel. Evening barbeque laid on for us with free beer, both of which there wasn’t much left of by the time we arrived as the other 62 on the trip had been there a few hours having flown into LA the day before!

Day3: A short hop from Yuma airport to the US Army testing ground and the aircraft unload, then security briefings etc for a few hours. Out in the evening for more steak and more beer.

Day4: Supposed to be the first day of parachuting. Loaded the aircraft up with 10 special forces types and climbed up to let them jump out. Engine problem meant a shut down though, and a diversion to the US Marines base. Special forces paras a bit annoyed they weren’t allowed to jump out! Waited for our engineers to drive down to assess the aircraft problem, then left them to it while we headed for the shop (ie the “Marine Corps Exchange”). Went out that night to an expensive Japanese restaurant, then to a dodgy back street bar, then back to someone’s hotel room who had beer in the fridge. Late night not the best plan the day before a long drive.

Day5: Drove from Yuma to San Diego along the mexican border. Stopped 4 times by border patrol to see if we had any mexican bandits in the car. Afternoon walking around San Diego and doing a bit of shopping, then out in the evening for italian.

Day 6: Drove from San Diego to LA via Pacific Beach then Long Beach – tried to find Joan VBs rowing club in Long Beach but failed, might take a map next time. Went to LAX finally and few home arriving back late morning Friday.

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