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End of 10k phase time trial

Posted by thepeteplan on October 22, 2012

Last time I posted a blog entry I was just beginning a 4 week phase of training aimed at 10k. For the past 4 weeks I went through a series of workouts aimed at this 10k TT from the 10 x 1k, to 8 x 1250m, to 6 x 1500m + 1k, and finally the 10k time trial this Saturday. The aim throughout the 4 weeks was to row under 36mins or 1:48 pace in the final test, and here is how it went:

10k in 1k splits:
1:47.5 / 28
1:47.9 / 27
1:47.9 / 27
1:47.9 / 27
1:48.0 / 27
1:48.0 / 27
1:47.9 / 28
1:48.0 / 28
1:47.6 / 28
1:42.5 / 29

10k = 35:47.2 / 1:47.3 / 27

A simple plan to give myself the best shot at making the target, to row at or just under 1:48 pace right from the start, and only to go faster when I was in sight of the line. This ended up being 1200m from the end from which point I gradually picked the pace up to the end. With a last 1k some 5seconds quicker pace that the next quickest there was obviously a bit more physically to give, especially when it wasn’t due to a high rate final sprint.

The plan now is 2 weeks of training focused solely on the 5k, with a target of a sub 17:15 / 1:43.5 for 5k just before I go away to the US for a few days with work. Following that I plan on racing in the Nottinghamshire 2k competition on 18th November, which will leave just a week or so to do a little sharpening, so I am not expecting anything at all fast for the 2k there.


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