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Potentially the worst interval session ever?

Posted by thepeteplan on August 31, 2009

I haven’t done any “speed” intervals for quite a while, so thought it was about time I did something at pace. I didn’t fancy the standard sessions like 8 x 500, or the 1min reps some people had done lately. I quite fancied doing a 1k hard, but that doesn’t make a full session. So what I decided on in the end was to set a variable interval session up consisting of 1k hard, then off 2min rests a ladder up from 100m in 100m steps trying to match the pace of the 1k and see how far I could get. As long as you set enough reps there comes an inevitable blow up at some point, hence why it is potentially the worst interval session ever.

It’s funny how if you convince yourself something is submaximal you don’t have any doubts about achieving it, so I decided to do a 2:59.9 for the 1k as an ambitious sub max target, and see how far I’d go from there.

10mins warm up = 2745m / 1:49.9 / 25

1000m = 3:00.0 / 1:30.0 / 36
2min rest
100m = 18.0 / 1:30.0 / 37
2min rest
200m = 35.7 / 1:29.2 / 37
2min rest
300m = 53.8 / 1:29.6 / 37
2min rest
400m = 1:12.8 / 1:31.0 / 35
2min rest
500m = 1:34.9 / 32

Totals: 2500m = 7:35.3 / 1:31.0 / 35

The 1k felt pretty good, but of course it was reminisant of the 4 x 2k session again where I tried to make the first rep too accurate so got 0.1 too slow! Oh well there is nothing different in the training effect, just the mental thing of seeing sub3 on paper. The 100m actually finished at more like 1:29.7 on the monitor, but 18.0 is rounded to 1:30.0 by the PM3. It is obvious it was getting too tough by the 400m by the drop in rate and inability to hold the pace any more. I thought I would do the 500m rep still then call it a day there. Good enough session overall, and better than just doing the 1k.

Saturday training:
7.20am in the garage, as it was the only free time yesterday.
41mins = 11008m / 1:51.8 / 23

Monday training:

10min erg, 15min run, 20min stepper, abs and press ups, and a few lengths of the pool. Just a nice mixed aerobic session.


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5 x 1500 and psychology

Posted by thepeteplan on August 27, 2009

I took a rest day on Monday after the long intervals on Sunday, and yesterday did a mixed cardio session of treadmill, stepper, rowing and cross trainer. This let me fairly fresh today for a hard erg session.

I would just post the results of today’s session and say no more, but I think it would be obvious (to some) that I was just testing myself against Jason Hewitt’s session yesterday (Jason came second to me in the first race of the Grand Prix mile series in Evesham back in July). If I decide to go up to Grimsby for the race in a few weeks time Jason will be the main competition (regardless of who else turns up) for the series win for Evesham, Grimsby and Newark. Jason had done a solid session yesterday starting at 1:42.5 or so, and neg splitting down to a strong last rep of close to 1:40 dead.

I like to feed off recent sessions to know what I can do, and give myself the confidence of actually doing it. As I averaged 1:39.9 for the 4 x 2k on 14th Aug I knew there was no excuse not to get the first 4 reps under 1:40, and that I should still then have something left for a faster final rep. So that was the target set. Initial aim was for 1:38.5 on the final rep, and a stretch target of 1:37.5.

5 x 1500m / 5min rest:
4:59.3 / 1:39.7 / 30
4:59.2 / 1:39.7 / 30
4:59.0 / 1:39.6 / 30
4:58.2 / 1:39.4 / 31
4:48.7 / 1:36.2 / 32

7500m = 24:44.4 / 1:38.9 / 30

Last rep felt good, and I’m happy with the pace. I went through half way on about 1:38.0 then just wound it up over the second half to the line. I think this is probably a pb for the session, but I’ve not kept detailed enough records to know without searching back through old training logs.

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The intervals that never end…

Posted by thepeteplan on August 24, 2009

I worked out before this session that 1:49.5 would give 23k total distance, and 1:45.0 would give 24k total distance. After working that out to be a possible target pace for 24k, there was really no going back. I knew early in the first rep it wouldn’t be possible today though, but decided to stick to pace for the first rep anyway.

The session:

24mins = 6861m / 1:44.9 / 27
6min rest
20mins = 5505m / 1:49.0 / 26
5min rest
16mins = 4385m / 1:49.5 / 26
4min rest
12mins = 3288m / 1:49.5 / 26
3min rest
8mins = 2194m / 1:49.4 / 26
2min rest
4mins = 1120m / 1:47.1 / 27

Totals: 23353m / 1:47.9 / 26 / 84mins

A long session that’s for sure! The first rep at sub 1:45 was a bad idea, and made the session tougher than it needed to be. I had laptop troubles on rowpro at the start, but luckily the other guys waited around for me at the start when I lost connection, making us start about 10mins late in the end. I was praying for those laptop problems to re-surface in the second half of the session, but no such luck.

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10k fast – handle down!

Posted by thepeteplan on August 21, 2009

Only metaphorically speaking of course. Plan was for a solid 10k starting at 1:45’s and gently negative splitting over the distance. 1k splits went as follows:

1:44.1/27 – took a while to settle, but did eventually settle on 1:45’s
1:44.9/27 – still steady at 1:45’s and feeling good
1:44.1/28 – negative splitting going fine, but can really feel that CTC in my legs now
1:44.3/27 – I really can’t see the next 5k getting gradually faster, so…
1:49.5/25 – the metaphorical handle down, backing right off the pace
1:48.1/26 – plan now to neg split again from there after recovering nicely
1:45.7/28 – not far to go now, so try to make it a respectable time
1:41.3/29 – good to be finished

10k = 35:07.1 / 1:45.3 / 27

I think more than anything it’s my mental strength I used up on Tuesday on the CTC. I backed off the pace, but not really enough to recover as much as it felt like I did. Solid 10k I guess anyway, with rather unconventional pacing.

Stepper, abs and some swimming to finish off the session.

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CTC – 3k, 2k, 1k / 2min rest

Posted by thepeteplan on August 19, 2009

The basic plan for my second attempt at the CTC was the do roughly the same splits for the 3k and 2k, and try to really blast the 1k in order to average under 1:40 for the session. I knew I’d be finishing a good few (tens of) seconds behind Al and RIch even after the first rep, so had to row my own session.

3k split was last time was 1:40.9, so the plan was to do the same pacing which was 5 or 6 hard strokes, settle to 1:42’s to 2k to go, 1:41’s to 1k to go, 1:40’s for the last 1k.

3k = 10:05.6 / 1:40.9 / 29

That was 0.3 faster than last time – I just knew it was the same split. Aim for the 2k was a similar negative split looking for around the same 1:40.2 average from last time.

2k = 6:41.3 / 1:40.3 / 30

I knew it was a little slower than last time, but only a few tenths (turns out to be only 2 tenths slower, so still 0.1 up on last time). So pretty much right on plan for the 1k. I knew I had to then pull out a 1:36.x in order to average under 1:40 overall, having done a 1:37.4 last time. Plan was start at 1:39’s, gradually negative split, and rip the handle off at the end to make target. Felt a little easier than I expected, so I was quickly down to 1:37’s, and still managed a good sprint at the end.

1k = 3:10.5 / 1:35.2 / 33

It’s amazing the motivation of training with two guys much faster than you (I say much faster, not sure they were much faster on the 1k, and I think I even beat one of them on this rep…). It can actually be a little annoying finishing a tough session like this pulling low 1:20’s down the finishing straight as you always wonder how fast you actually could have gone.

Overall: 19:57.4 / 1:39.7 / 30 for 3k / 2k / 1k : 2min rest between sets
Tuesday 18th August 2009 – CTC – 3k / 2k / 1k, 2min rest between.

Rich Blagrove ——————- Al Taylor ——————– Pete Marston
3k: 9:48.9 / 1:38.1 / 28 —— 9:47.4 / 1:37.9 / 29 —— 10:05.6 / 1:40.9 / 29
2k: 6:31.8 / 1:37.9 / 30 —— 6:28.6 / 1:37.1 / 30 —— 6:41.3 / 1:40.3 / 30
1k: 3:09.5 / 1:34.7 / 32 —— 3:05.3 / 1:32.6 / 33 —— 3:10.5 / 1:35.2 / 33

Totals: 19:30.2 / 1:37.5 / 30 — 19:21.2 / 1:36.7 / 30 — 19:57.4 / 1:39.7 / 30

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4 x 2k pb!!

Posted by thepeteplan on August 14, 2009

I have done other good training, but this entry is just about today’s session. The 4 x 2k with 5min rest is a session I have done many times over the years, but even in my best shape one target has eluded me though on this session, to do all 4 reps under 1:40 pace, or more precisely to average under 1:40.0. That was today’s target.

4 x 2k / 5min rest:

6:40.0 / 1:40.0 / 30
6:39.7 / 1:39.9 / 29
6:39.8 / 1:39.9 / 30
6:39.4 / 1:39.8 / 30

8000m = 26:38.9 / 1:39.9 / 30

With the aim really of getting all 4 reps under 6:40 I’m sure many of you can imagine how annoyed I was on finishing the first rep for the time to come up as it did! I was trying to cut it as fine as possible to give the best chance of making this target that I’ve never made before! I took no chances on the final rep and negative split it to try to keep away any chance of slowing down, so started at 1:42’s and got gradually faster, going through half way on 1:41.0 and finishing strong. First time under 1:40 average for this set, so a good achievement.

Erg coaching:

I said in a recent entry that I was going to compile a directory of recommended erg instructors around the country so that if anyone want to do some technique work, or training in general, they can find someone close to them. The second entry is this is a very experienced and talented rower, and the man who taught the concept2 instructor course and crew class instructor course I took part in. Tim Male has rowed as a GB lightweight rower for a number of year, and holds the British lwt 2k record. If you’re a lwt erger or rower and want help with training or nutrition, Tim is your man. If you want to do an official concept2 instructor course, he is also the man to contact. Tim is based in west London like Alister Taylor. Again look under the “Pete Plan Coaching” tab for Tim’s contact details.

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Cross training

Posted by thepeteplan on August 9, 2009

I am doing 2 or 3 sessions a week of mixed cardio cross training at the moment. Partly for variety and a change, and partly for a different training stimulus for a while.

Tuesday 4th Aug:

10mins stepper
15mins run
2min erg warm up
4mins = 1285m / 1:33.3 / 34 (1:33.1, 1:34,0, 1:34.3, 1:32.5)
2min erg warm down
10mins cross trainer

Thursday 6th:

Row: 10k = 35:56 / 1:47.8 / 26
Step: 15mins
Swim: Not much, about 10mins

Friday 7th:

25mins treadmill (about 5.5km)
20mins stepper
15mins cross trainer
+ a few abs exercises

Saturday 8th:

60mins = 16109m / 1:51.7 / 24
10min splits:
1:53.8 / 24
1:52.6 / 24
1:51.8 / 24
1:51.1 / 24
1:50.9 / 24
1:49.9 / 24

15mins stepper + a few lengths of the pool.

Sunday 9th:

30min run
10mins bike
10mins stepper
15mins swimming

Technique coaching:

I will add this to the “Coaching” tab on my blog too after I write this. I have had a number of emails in the past from people looking for a technique coaching session on the erg, but who live too far away from me to make it practical. What might be a good idea is for me to slowly compile a list of recommended techique coaching around the country (the world eventually?) so that people can simply look who is in their area and send someone an email to meet up for a coached session or two.

The first man to add to this list is based in London. What can I say about Alister in terms of his credentials to coach you on the erg? A sub 6 2k erger, and twice Australian open champion. Australian national champion in both sweep and scull, represented Australia at the World University Championships, and an olympic triallist from 2004 to 2008. Alister has also coached both masters and school boy rowers to national level. So if you’re a water rower using the erg as a training tool I can’t think of anyone better to get some training advice from!

Take a look on the Pete Plan Coaching tab for Alister’s contact details.

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August CTC attempt 1

Posted by thepeteplan on August 3, 2009

An interesting session this month’s CTC. I think if you pace it too fast on the 3k the first time and make it really hard on the 2k and 1k you’re not going to be all that motivated to want to go through it again.

3k = 10:05.9 / 1:40.9 / 29
2min rest
2k = 6:41.1 / 1:40.2 / 30
2min rest
1k = 3:14.8 / 1:37.4 / 31

Totals: 6k = 20:01.7 / 1:40.1 / 30

If people get really motivated and try this session a few times this month I think there could be a lot of people pb’ing their 5k’s at the end of the month. Doing the first 3k slightly within yourself I think is the key to a fast 5k, and so this is great practice for getting that portion of a 5k right.

There is obviously no point on this session in pushing the end of either the 3k or 2k to make some arbitrary time, because you will lose more on the 1k – just accept whatever time you’re on for on those first two reps and save it for a fast last 1k.

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A new AT interval session

Posted by thepeteplan on August 1, 2009

A new session on Friday evening that I made up while sitting on the erg deciding what to do:

1min = 302m / 1:39.3 / 31
2mins = 601m / 1:39.8 / 31
3mins = 904m / 1:39.5 / 31
4mins = 1201m / 1:39.9 / 30
5mins = 1502m / 1:39.8 / 31
6mins = 1800m / 1:40.0 / 30
5mins = 1502m / 1:39.8 / 31
4mins = 1204m / 1:39.6 / 31
3mins = 906m / 1:39.3 / 31
2mins = 623m / 1:36.3 / 33
1min = 330m / 1:30.9 / 35

36mins = 10876m / 1:39.3 / 31

A long session in total duration with the rest periods, but with the sustained time at pace through the middle a very effective “5k paced” session I feel. The variation in rep lengths makes it easier carrying on, even when the length is getting more in the first half! The rest periods do feel too long through the middle, but I feel they are essential to maintain the quality of the session.

A few other sessions since last blogging:

This morning = 30mins = 8418m / 1:46.9 / 26 (on rowpro)

Sunday 26th July:

30mins = 8614m / 1:44.5 / 28 (rowpro)
5min splits:
1:44.2 / 28
1:44.9 / 28
1:44.9 / 27
1:45.0 / 27
1:44.8 / 27
1:43.2 / 29

Saturday 25th July:

20mins = 5501m / 1:49.0 / 25
5min rest
20mins = 5623m / 1:46.7 / 27

Total = 11124m / 1:47.8 / 26

Friday 24th July:

36:55.7 = 10013m / 1:50.6 / 25
5k treadmill run = 23:30


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