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Pete Plan training groups

Posted by thepeteplan on November 11, 2019

It appears it is nearly 2 years since my last blog post, and it may be not far off that long since my last erg race. Training has been steady recently, and I have found a good balance to maintain a respectable level of fitness around very frequent travel for my day job. In order to give that extra little boost to training motivation I have entered the 2km race at the Welsh indoor rowing champs in a little under 2 weeks time, and may even consider one of the bigger races in the new year.

With increased training motivation it is also time to run some group training plans up to those big races in the new year. In past years, but not for a good number of years now, I ran training groups where a team of like minded athletes follow the same set training sessions each week, with individual pace targets set by me. Accountability from having to report your results, and the team motivational ethos of following along on the same sessions with other people always benefited everyone, and drove better results at the end of the training phase.

With a number of race choices in the Jan / Feb / Mar time frame I am going to offer a few simple options – a standard 8 week group training plan up to any of your choice of races, or a 12 week option to the later races of the World champs (Paris) or the Crash Bs (Boston). Each standard plan will give you 2 week blocks of training with full pace targets based on your results from the previous 2 week block, plus feedback and advice on the results. Or an option to simply choose to purchase the training plan alone without targets or feedback for a lower single cost.


  • 8 week training group with full pace targets and feedback = £40
  • 12 week training group with full pace targets and feedback = £60
  • 8 week training plan with no targets or feedback = £20

Sign up:

You would need to sign up by a few days before you want to start your 8 or 12 week training plan to the race of your choice, and ideally a week before. Payments can be via bank transfer (UK), or paypal (international). Email me using the contact tab above with any questions or to sign up.


The 8 weeks plans can be to the race of your choice, with some options being:

  • European champs, Prague – 11th Jan 2020
  • Irish champs, Limerick – 25th Jan 2020
  • Canadian champs, Ontario – 2nd Feb 2020
  • German champs, Essen – 2nd Feb 2020
  • World champs, Paris – 7th / 8th Feb 2020
  • Crash Bs, Boston – 1st Mar 2020

Get in touch, and if enough people sign up I will even commit to doing the sessions too and entering one of the big races in February or March!


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