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Marathon preparation

Posted by thepeteplan on April 12, 2008

As I have decided to row a marathon next weekend I don’t want it to be completely uncharted territory having not rowed over 10k in at least a couple of months. So I decided last night that if I wake early enough this morning I would row a half marathon at planned marathon pace (about 1:53.5) to at least give my body some idea what to expect.

Unfortunately various factor conspired against me doing a half marathon this morning. I woke early enough at 6.45am, and the sky was blue (vital as the only place I’m going to row a HM on my own is out on the patio). I put the TV on to see the weather, and rain showers are forecast for later this morning, so I had to start early. Recall that I usually do all my training in the gym at work at this point. So I got the erg out of the garage and onto the patio. Tried to turn the monitor on and nothing. Rowed a few strokes and the monitor would come on faintly, but go off as soon as I stopped. Dead batteries obviously. But the PM4 has a rechargable battery pack, and although you can put normal batteries in it’s place I didn’t have any.

I went to the trouble shooting page to see what I could do, and found out you can charge the monitor with the USB. I’m not an internet rower so have never taken the USB out of the packet, but managed to find it, then set up the laptop and USB cable on the patio with the erg. Finally at 7.50am I set 21097m on the monitor…


21097m = 78:38.1 / 1:51.8 / 25


4300m: 1:52.8 / 25

8600m: 1:52.3 / 25

12900m: 1:51.5 / 25

17200m: 1:51.2 / 26

21097m: 1:50.9 / 26

I know I’m carrying a fair bit of fatigue from a week of hard training including 3 long sessions in the heat chamber, but I have to say I’m not looking forward to the marathon now. The pace wasn’t difficult at all, but my glutes, hamstrings and quads felt sore and weak from start to finish. Ok, they actually felt better at the finish than the start once they had a little warmth in them (it was cold outside). There will definitely be a complete rest day on Friday before the marathon next Saturday!

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