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When the weather turns

Posted by thepeteplan on April 25, 2008

One of the worst things about a sport that is (generally) done inside is that once the weather warms up a little training can get quite uncomfortable. Physiologically it is harder when the temperature is higher,┬ábut also psychologically it feels harder when the gym is stuffy and you’re sweating earlier in a training piece. The weather is just starting to get to that point some days now, and unfortunately I train in a gym without air conditioning.


4k = 14:58.6 / 1:52.3 / 25

4min rest

1500m = 5:03.1 / 1:41.0 / 30

4min rest

1500m = 5:03.0 / 1:41.0 / 30

4min rest

4k = 14:57.2 / 1:52.1 / 25

This is the type of session we are doing to keep some rowing in our programme at around 5k pace, and on average this format of session will be done once per week with intervals at 2k pace one week, and 5k pace the following week.

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