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“Brick” session

Posted by thepeteplan on April 24, 2008

Have you ever wondered why triathletes call a session where you train on the bike, and then immediately go for a run, a “brick” session? Not quite the same format, but I decided tonight to do a 10k row then go straight out on the roads for a 10k run.


10k = 36:43.8 / 1:50.1 / 25

Steady 1:52’s to 7500m, then the last 5 x 500m splits were 1:50.6, 1:47.6, 1:45.5, 1:42.9, 1:37.2.

Quick change of clothes and glass of water than out on the road for a run time of 39:40. The first and last 10mins are on road, and the middle 20mins around a cross country course mostly on compacted, winding, trails.

This perhaps gave me an insight into why triathletes call this format of session a brick session, as my legs felt like bricks for the first 15mins. I thought I was running slowly to this point until I caught up with a group of 3 runners, and quickly passed them. I’ve run this route a few times before, and only once before broken 40mins. This is a good sign as I haven’t run in a few months, and have never run regularly at all.

Why the run? Well today was supposed to be an interval session, but work commitments meant I couldn’t get to the gym during the day, so training was left to the evening. I had a look on rowpro and joined the 10k with AndersB and SteveV, and decided to do a run afterwards. But why did I choose to run? I made a comment on a sporting discussion board at work that I thought I could run a sub 1hr45 half marathon just off the back of rowing training. Someone said “no you can’t, prove it”. Of course to go and run a half marathon with no running training at all at 87kg would be asking for an injury, or at least a week of walking funny. So instead I took up someone else’s challenge to try to run a HM closer to his HM running pb (1hr22) than he can get to my HM pb on the erg (just under 1hr15). Therefore I need to do a few training runs before attempting this, and at the same time to try to prove the point to the first challenger by going a good bit under 1hr45 with a little running training. The comment wasn’t purely ego driven, we were discussing the merits of cross training for a guy looking to run a HM under 2hrs, as he keeps getting injuries from running. My point was that I thought you could get fit enough to run a HM with other (low impact) training, and just run occasionally to get your legs used to the impact, without so much injury potential. Time will tell whether I was right…


Jamie asked a question on yesterday’s entry do I carry any fatigue from one session to the next, when rowing twice a day. It’s all relative, but yes, more so than normal. I did the second session yesterday as a 2k warm up and 1k on rowpro. “Just” a 3:09 for the 1k, but it certainly felt fatigued. I think that doing this high volume for just a couple of weeks at the beginning of this stage of training will benefit me in the later stages of the phase though.

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