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Baby Cora

Posted by thepeteplan on July 4, 2016

As it has been around 10 months since my last blog post, some people might be wondering where I’ve disappeared to, whether I’m still training, and generally what I’m up to. Most people probably don’t care….

Well, this little lady is the reason I’ve been quiet, for the past few month anyway:


A little over 3 months old now (in this photo she was 4 weeks old), Cora is taking up a lot of our time outside of work!

I am still training, albeit not to the same volume or absolute pace, but enough to maintain some level of fitness. I will try to keep this blog more up to date, if nothing else to give me the motivation to keep training more regularly!



3 Responses to “Baby Cora”

  1. stelph82 said

    She is lovely, and the hat is awesome! Congrats to you both

  2. Le Grand Fromage said

    Congratulations to the pair of you Pete. I’m still pushing a chain but lacking mojo atm, just popped on here for your 5k plan as the forum seems to have died

  3. ejclowes said

    She’s gorgeous. Congratulations!

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