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Posted by thepeteplan on May 27, 2015

I used to be a regular RowPro user, but it’s been perhaps two years now since I last used the software to row online (I never used it to simply track data on a row). It was partly a laptop windows update stopping RowPro working that I never rectified, but mostly that my training is split between my garage and the gym. It’s not really practical to take your laptop to the gym with you, and even then most gyms don’t have open wifi connections, or power nearby if you need to plug in. My garage is at the bottom of the garden, so the connection isn’t good enough to use RowPro down there. So when an old friend of mine emailed me earlier this week to tell me he and his team have developed a mobile phone app that lets you race live online just using your mobile phone it sounds like a great concept.

For the lone gym or home rower training in isolation day after day it could be a great motivational tool, so well worth taking a look at. The website will be better to tell you all about it than me trying to describe the design features, so take a look and see what you think:

It is also getting some good press already, so looks likely to be a success:

One of the guys behind the app, Zach Ellison, I had the fortune to train with a few years back at the US high performance sculling center in Seattle, while he was training with the US Olympic squad aiming for the 2012 Olympics.

Take a look at the website, have a go with the app when you’re able to, and feedback to let me know what you think of it. Initially it’s going to be launched as an app only for Apple phones, so I’ll have to wait for the android version myself. I’m really keen to hear what all the ergers make of the app until then.


3 Responses to “LiveRowing app”

  1. Do you just need an apple phone and any C2 erg, or do you need additional hardware?
    Also, as a happy rowpro user I would be worried about breaking up the very small online rowing community. Could there be a common standard where a user on rowpro can row online with a rower on liverowing?

  2. You will just need an C2 Erg, a cable or connect with a PM5(bluetooth) and a mount for you iPhone or iPod touch

  3. Observer9 said

    App is due to go live late Jul early Aug 15 on iPhone.

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