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The best way to come back after time off….

Posted by thepeteplan on January 31, 2015

… is not to take time off in the first place.

That is the advice I have always given people over the years when asked how best to get back into training after a break. It is easy to give the advice, but like most things it’s a case of do as I say, not as I do.

My last entry on 10th January was a few days after I had arrived home from 2 weeks in Seattle for Christmas and New Year. Jetlag was bad, but I had trained well throughout my 2 weeks away. I was home for just over a week then had to go back to the US for work on Monday 19th, and didn’t arrive home again until last Wednesday, 28th January. During my 10 days away I took in 5 states – Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, DC and Texas, stayed in 4 different hotels, and didn’t see a single erg anywhere I went.

I started the trip off well and went to the hotel gym on my first morning – when you wake up at 4am it is pretty much the only place open after all. Aside from that a few bodyweight type exercises in my hotel room to get the blood pumping a little, a single swim (or more like float around) in the hotel pool in DC, and a good amount of walking was all I did.

Back into it again this week with the first two 30min sessions:

Friday 30th: 30mins = 8260m / 1:48.9 / 26

Saturday 31st: 30mins = 8090m / 1:51.2 / 24

Lots of work travel on the agenda over the next couple of months, with the next stop being Australia. Perhaps I will have more luck (dedication) finding an erg there?

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