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5k race review

Posted by thepeteplan on September 21, 2014

With a cold having taken hold this was always going to be a tough 5k race. I thought about the race plan on the drive to Sussex. This was always going to be a time trial more than a race, with the objective of setting a time that would adequately reflect 8 weeks of solid focused training aiming at this 5km row. My ultimate target was to break 17mins, but with a season’s best of 17:12, and feeling not the best, I decided that I wanted to make sure of breaking 17:10.

So the plan was to go out for the usual 7 hard strokes, settle over the next 10 strokes, then just hit 1:43s and 1:44s and see where that put me with 2km to go. This was always going to be the tell tail point. If I feel good with 2km to go I can push on and take a good margin off the average split, but if I don’t feel good I want to be in a position where I can maintain pace and still achieve a good time.

After a good start I settled to pulling 1:43’s after around 150m, and this saw me pass the 500m mark well ahead of target at 1:41.1. Pulling mostly 1:43s for the next 1000m took me through the 4000m to go point at 1:42.1 average pace, and through 3500m to go at 1:42.5. This is an important point for me in a 5km time trial as it is the half way point to the big marker of 2km to go. I was working hard at this point, harder than I would like to be for the pace, so it was going to have to be about getting to the 2km to go point without losing too much ground. I was nicely ahead of target, with an aim of hitting 2km to go at 1:43.0 to give me the chance of a sub17 on a good day. From this point I was pulling more 1:44s than 1:43s, and went through 3000m to go at 1:42.8, the halfway mark at 1:42.9, and finally reached 2000m to go just about on target with an average split of 1:43.1.

The way I was feeling at this stage holding pace seemed like a tough task, never mind a big increase in pace to try to keep any outside hope of the sub17. So the next 1500m became about damage limitation. Hold the same pace and don’t let the average split slip too far. 1:43.2 at 1500m to go, slipping to 1:43.3 at 1000m to go, and pulling slightly back to 1:43.2 at 500m to go. At this point I knew I could find enough at the end to dip under 17:10, so it was just about picking the right time to step the pace up. 1:43s and a few 1:42s held the average pace through 300m to go, 250m to go, and ready to make the push in the final 200m. A good push over the final 200m saw the average split drop 0.1 about every 50m, and drop to 1:42.8 on the final stroke.

A really hard effort and not a time I would have wanted to settle for even a week ago. But in the circumstances a time I am very happy with.

5000m = 17:08.7 / 1:42.8 / 30
500m splits:
1:41.1 / 31
1:43.2 / 30
1:43.3 / 30
1:43.7 / 29
1:43.5 / 30
1:43.7 / 30
1:43.8 / 29
1:43.7 / 30
1:43.0 / 30
1:39.7 / 31

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