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The eve of the race

Posted by thepeteplan on September 19, 2014

An up and down final 2 weeks into the 5km race day tomorrow, with only the race tomorrow telling whether it has ended on a down. The last stretch into the race began with a special CTC distance for this month, in honour of one of our fellow indoor rowers Joan Van Blom who has been suffering with a brain tumour. The distance of 7684m is to commemorate Joan’s Olympic rowing medals won at the 1976 and 1984 games. A tough row on an off day, but a good solid pace non the less.

8th September:

7684m = 26:59.3 / 1:45.3 / 29

9th September: REST

The plan for the second core session of last week was for a slightly less intense session. 3 x 2500m with a target of the pace of the CTC effort for the first 2 reps then a quicker final rep. The plan here was not to push too hard in the final 2 weeks to ensure getting to race day fresh and well. More on that later.

10th September:

3 x 2500m / 3:30 rest = 26:00.0 / 1:44.0 / 29
8:42.8 / 1:44.5 / 29
8:42.4 / 1:44.4 / 29
8:34.8 / 1:42.9 / 30

This session felt good, but I felt particularly tired the next day and cut the steady distance short to just 6km.

11th September:

6km = 1:53.5 / 24

A week before race day and time for my favourite 5k race predictor session the 6 x 1k / 1min rest. The target from the previous attempt was 1:41.6, so the plan was to start just below this and push the final rep. A great session, and one that should point to a sub 17 for the 5k.

12th September:

6 x 1k / 1min rest:
1:41.4 / 31
1:41.4 / 31
1:41.4 / 31
1:41.3 / 31
1:41.3 / 31
1:39.0 / 32

6000m = 20:12.1 / 1:41.0 / 31

13th September: REST

14th September: REST

Two days rest, then a session just to stay sharp in the final week. 500m reps with a minutes rest, so shorter reps than any of the prep sessions over the past 2 months. I perhaps pushed the final 4 reps too quickly in this session and hit my immune system a little, because it has been downhill since here.

10 x 500m / 1min rest
5000m = 16:20.7 / 1:38.0 / 32

15th September:

30mins = 7911m / 1:53.7 / 24

16th September: REST

17th September:

Wednesday was scheduled as a moderate 30mins with a target pace of 1:48-1:50. It all went well with good intentions until 5mins to go. It seemed like a good idea at the time to push out the final 5mins at 5km pace for a confidence booster. It was a good confidence boost at the time, but I regretted it the next morning.

30mins = 8304m / 1:48.3 / 26
5min splits:
1:49.8 / 26
1:49.7 / 26
1:49.8 / 26
1:49.4 / 26
1:49.8 / 26
1:42.1 / 30

I woke Thursday morning with a sore throat, and have rested since. The sore throat is still there, but so far has not developed into anything else. Fingers crossed for tomorrow and feeling good on the start line. The ultimate target is still for sub 17 or die trying, but in reality the way I feel today I will be happy with anything under 17:10.

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