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5k and 30mins seasons best TTs

Posted by thepeteplan on May 31, 2014

Two more good middle distance pieces this past week, which are again my best performances over this distances in around 3 seasons. I have always found, over the years I have been training on the erg, that the best way to mentally prepare for any time trial piece is to make a comparison to the last TT piece you’ve done that is comparable and use that to both judge the pace target, and to give confidence. So having done a solid 10k last weekend with a core pace of 1:47 I knew that 1:44s would be fine for the 5k TT. I used that mental confidence to think of nothing else but getting through each 500m split at, or just under, 1:44.0.

When it came to the 30min TT then a couple of days later I could then use both the 5k and 10k paces, and pitch the 30mins in between. Each of these TT rows had a good strong finish, showing there is more potential in there, but also good solid base paces that I held well. Some people of course will question “if you have so much left at the end, surely you could go quicker earlier in the row?”. Physically, perhaps. Mentally, not yet no. A fast finish is always there, for me at least, on a middle distance TT no matter the intensity of the rest of the row.

27th May:

5k = 17:14.9 / 1:43.4 / 29

5k 27May14

29th May:

30mins = 8525m / 1:45.5 / 29

30mins 29May14

30th May:



One Response to “5k and 30mins seasons best TTs”

  1. Herman said

    Veryy energetic post, I enjoyed that a lot. Will
    thee be a ppart 2?

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