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Nearly a month on….

Posted by thepeteplan on April 13, 2014

It is nearly a month since I last posted a blog entry. In the last post I said it was time to get strong, and that I was beginning to introduce weights into my weekly training regime. In the past month I have consistently trained with the weights, perhaps not often enough for optimal gains, but enough to certainly make gains. I spent the first couple of weeks getting my body used to the new training stimulus with 3 sets of 10 of various exercises (mainly compound moves), and then moved on to 5 sets of 5 of each of the exercises. The core of the training I’m doing is cleans, deadlifts, shoulder press and bent over barbell rows. Most sessions I have also been doing squats, but I am fairly limited on the weight I can squat with only having free weights – I can only squat the amount of weight I can clean and press, rest on my shoulders, then press again after the set. This isn’t a lot, so makes squats a little pointless. However, I will still do them some sessions with this lighter (than ideal) weight.

Around this I have put in some reasonable erg sessions, though generally single distance or time pieces rather than much in the way of interval training. Some of the sessions in reverse order:

13th April:
10k = 35:49.1 / 1:47.4 / 27 (neg split with a last 1250m @ 1:42.0)

12th April:
Weights (as above)

11th April:
10k = 36:29.7 / 1:49.4 / 26 (steady paced in the 1:49s)

10th April:
16min19 challenge series = 4700m / 1:44.1 / 29 (steady in the high 1:44s with a push at the end)

9th April:
CTC for April:
1344m = 1:38.4 / 32
1085m = 1:38.4 / 33
978m = 1:37.5 / 33
2min30 rest between each rep

8th April:
Rest day

7th April:
30mins = 8126m / 1:50.7 / 24

5th / 6th April – Weights one day, rest the other

4th April:
30mins = 8474m / 1:46.2 / 28 (seasons best)

For the few days prior to 4th April I was away at a work conference. I took the opportunity after a few days of enforced rest to push a 30min session hard and see what I could achieve. Not quite where I want to be, but a seasons best row and a good solid middle distance piece. Work has been very busy and somewhat stressful over the past couple of months, and as is evident this has left little energy for really hard training, or motivation (or need really) to blog about it. Overall though there have been some good sessions in there, and the incorporation of the weight training is having a positive effect I believe.


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