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Time to get strong

Posted by thepeteplan on March 16, 2014

13th March:

Some days you get on the erg, start rowing, but simply don’t have the energy (mentally and / or physically) to do a meaningful steady distance session. Rather than call it a rest day after 1500m of rowing I decided to give a “Tabata” session a go. A very short high intensity reps session, no real thinking is involved. You simply row hard for 20 seconds, “rest” for 10 seconds, and repeat 8 times.

8 x 20sec / 10sec rest:
2min40 = 896m / 1:29.2 / 40

The 10 second rests are just sufficient to let the flywheel slow and make you have to accelerate it again at the beginning of the next rep. Therefore you are chasing the split rep after rep, but simply rowing hard for 12 or 13 strokes. The intensity is really pretty high by the end of the session, so certainly a good one in the tool set for a day where time is extremely limited, or motivation for anything long is not there.

14th March:

Something I have wanted to incorporate into my training for a long time is Olympic weight lifting. On the rare occasions these days when I go to the gym to train the free weights are always busy, so when you have very limited training time it is not really the place to lift. So last week I treated myself to a 100kg Olympic barbell set so that I can do regular weight training at home. The core moves I will do at least 2x per week will be the compound moves of cleans, deadlifts, squats and bent over rows. My plan is to spend a few weeks very light to get my body used to the movement patterns, then gradually increase the weight. Friday afternoon was session 1.

15th March:

10000m = 35:56.5 / 1:47.8 / 27

16th March:

10000m = 36:44.6 / 1:50.2 / 26

Followed by session 2 on the weights, but only cleans and deadlifts today.

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