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The week since Manchester

Posted by thepeteplan on March 8, 2014

4th March:

10000m = 36:37.7 / 1:51.9 / 24
2k splits:
1:51.9 / 24
1:50.9 / 25
1:49.8 / 26
1:44.8 / 29
1:51.8 / 25

I have blogged fairly comfortable 10k rows before where I have put in a sub7 for the final 2k. This time I decided to do a sub7 for the penultimate 2k instead. I don’t do a very big volume of training, so I am not too concerned about the intensity level of my “steady distance” work. When I feel I need to go easier I go easier, when I feel like I want to push more, I push more.

5th March:

CTC challenge
333m = 1:34.8 / 33
3min rest
666m = 1:34.8 / 34
3min rest
999m = 1:33.9 / 35
3min rest
666m = 1:33.9 / 35
3min rest
333m = 1:29.3 / 39

2997m = 9:21.9 / 1:33.7 / 35

This month’s CTC row is an interesting tactical challenge. For the short reps the rest periods are relatively long, but a 333m rep is only about 10% of the overall session distance. So is it worth pushing the first 333m rep harder, or will you lose any advantage gained there on the longer middle reps? Afterall, for every second you go slower on the 999m rep in the middle you need a 3second quicker pace for the 333m to make up for it.

6th March:

10000m = 37:58.9 / 1:53.9 / 23

A proper steady 10k, 1:54s from start to finish.

7th March:

20mins @ 1:52.5 / 24

Friday afternoon I dragged the erg out of the garage and onto the patio for the first outdoor erg of the year. At around 17 degrees C it was a good bit hotter than I have trained in for some time, so perhaps that contributed to feeling tired and not feeling up to doing too much.

8th March:

30mins off-road run

Continuing to make the most of the good weather I skipped the erg today and went for my first run of the year. I need more of these, and to do them regularly, in order to enjoy running and to take away the inevitable after effects I will get over the next day or two from it.

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