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Restricted rate 2k time trials

Posted by thepeteplan on January 26, 2014

25th January:

30mins = 7965m / 1:52.9 / 23

26th January:

2k = 6:35.9 / 1:38.9 / 27
500m splits:
1:39.7 / 26
1:40.3 / 26
1:40.3 / 26
1:35.6 / 33

2 weeks ago I did a 2k restricted at 26spm throughout and achieved a 6:39.9 final time. This was the next in the progression of 2k time trials, this time the same 26spm restriction for the first 1500m of the row (aiming for the same 1:40.0 pace), but then a free rate final 500m in which to increase pace for a quicker overall time. As with the last progression from 24 to 26spm, the first 1500m was a known commodity. I have done this 2 weeks ago and it was ok, so I knew I could do it again. Then with a free rate last 500m there was no question I could go faster, and I went into the row with no expectation other than that.

This is now within 10seconds of my best 2k time from this season so far and still at a very restricted rate. With another 5 weeks until my next race at the English IRC in Manchester this gives time for another 1 or two steps in this progression to build confidence further of an improved race performance there.

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