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Posted by thepeteplan on December 11, 2013

Rowing slightly off my current expectations at BIRC (only by 2 to 3 seconds) has refocused what I want to achieve in my training and racing this season. I always feel motivated after racing, and it gives me valuable pointers as to what I need to keep doing, what I need to do differently, and sometimes what I need to stop doing. I will write more about this in another blog entry soon.

As I said in the last entry, I have had a lot of constraints in recent months that have restricted the time available, and somewhat the effort and energy available, for training. Some of these constraints are easing off now, and I need to make the most of this.

12500m = 46:43.9 / 1:52.1 / 23

3 x 2k / 3min rest (CTC):
6:49.9 / 1:42.4 / 30
6:49.8 / 1:42.4 / 30
6:49.9 / 1:42.4 / 30

6000m = 20:29.7 / 1:42.4 / 30

30r20 = 8186m / 1:49.9 / 20


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