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Posted by thepeteplan on November 2, 2013

Thursday 31st October:

2 x 5k / 5min rest:
17:59.5 / 1:47.9 / 26
17:46.5 / 1:46.6 / 28

10k = 35:46.0 / 1:47.3 / 27

This was a good moderate effort session on a day that I was late home from work and didn’t really feel that much like going out to the garage in the dark and training. These are the sessions that make the difference in the long term, the ones you could easily skip and don’t. All those skipped workouts add up longer term.

Friday 1st November:

40mins = 10800m / 1:51.1 / 25

Steady distance in the gym, my first gym workout in perhaps 3 months just because I fancied a change of surroundings. It was only 3 hours after getting home from the gym that I realised I had left my c-breeze on the erg in the gym, so I had to make another visit there to retrieve it. Luckily noone else knows what it is, so it was still there fitted to the erg as I had left it.

Saturday 2nd November:

4 x 1500m / 4min rest:
5:07.0 / 1:42.3 / 29
5:06.7 / 1:42.2 / 30
5:06.2 / 1:42.0 / 30
4:56.6 / 1:38.8 / 31

6000m = 20:16.4 / 1:41.3 / 30

A good improvement over the last time I did this session 5 weeks ago. Around 0.7 / 0.8 faster pace on the first 3 reps, and 3seconds or so faster pace on the final rep. This is a good sign, as this is the type of training intensity that really makes the difference to me longer term – the quicker I do my 5k type paced reps, the quicker I row 2k paced work and so race 2ks.


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