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Mile time trial

Posted by thepeteplan on October 30, 2013

I had fully intended to enter a score for the mile in the Challenge Series as an equal pace to my 2k race from Bristol last weekend. However, I was 15 minutes into a steady distance row in the garage this evening, and just fancied a go at the mile rather than the rest of the steady distance row. Partly because I didn’t think it would be too hard to beat the 1:36.6 average pace from the 2k, but probably more than I just didn’t want to do even another 15mins of slow rowing. So I stopped, set 1609m on the monitor, and set off with the simple aim of averaging under 1:36.6.

1609m = 5:08.8 / 1:35.9 / 32

400m splits:
1:35.7 / 33
1:37.5 / 31
1:37.1 / 32
1:33.7 / 34

This felt like a good cruise through the middle, with a lot left to give at the end. At 0.7 faster split than the Bristol 2k this puts me in a good position to go a few seconds quicker in the next 2k race in Newark.

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