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30min TT (season’s best?)

Posted by thepeteplan on October 11, 2013

The final session of Week 6, and 1 week before my first 2k race of the season. A 30min time trial on rowpro, where the weather forced me to row in the living room. My preferred place to train is outside on the patio, but rain and wind doesn’t allow that. My garage is at the bottom of the garden, so wireless internet coverage isn’t great down there and it would be too risky to try to rowpro. So that left bringing the erg in the house.

Rowpro problems meant a 10min delay to starting, and a half size field of people in the row from the original lineup, but we set off in the end. I had a target in mind of breaking 1:47 average pace, so a little over 8400m.

30mins rowpro 11Oct13

Good enough. The going got tough coming up to 10mins to go, and as I was a little ahead of target I took the option of a slight drop in pace to regroup mentally before the final push to the line. This is a season’s best pace for either a 30mins or a 10k, so it is all going in the right direction. But I am not yet strong enough mentally to push these longer distances, and should be faster. But as long as you’re moving forwards, and week on week getting closer to your goals, then you’re going the right way.


One Response to “30min TT (season’s best?)”

  1. Mike Cremer said

    Strong rowing today Pete. I’m glad I was able to join you guys. I don’t know what happened with Rowpro. It looked like we were all set to go and then it froze? I did get myself a PB, at least for this year and maybe an all-time! I ended up with the exact same split as I did for last Friday’s 3 x 10 min session. So the PetePlan is working! Good luck with your race next week.

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