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5k to end Week 4

Posted by thepeteplan on September 27, 2013

The final core session of Week 4 today, and a 5k split as 3k at 1:45 and a faster final 2k.

5k = 17:19.9 / 1:44.0 / 29

500m splits:

First 3k = 1:44.9, 1:44.9, 1:44.9, 1:45.0, 1:44.9, 1:44.9 (all 29spm)

Last 2k = 1:44.6 / 29, 1:44.4 / 29, 1:43.8 / 29, 1:37.8 / 33

It has been a busy week so all I have done so far has been the 3 core session, and no steady distance work. These solid middle distance pieces are an important part of the overall training programme, and really cement the mental strength built during the longer interval sessions. It takes a while to build up enough mental strength to really push on them, and for 5k rows I always find it best to split them into 3k / 2k, with the first 3k somewhat sub maximal, even for flat out 5k pb attempts. Within the row I then approached this one as a 10 x 500m session, albeit with no rests between the splits. So the target was simply to hit 1:44.9 / 1:45.0 for the first 6 x 500m splits, then a bit faster 500m to 500m for the final 2k.

Good enough 4 weeks in, but I really need to get down to 16:59 to put myself into the kind of shape I want to be in.

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