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Week 3 = 5 x 700m / 2:45 rest

Posted by thepeteplan on September 17, 2013

In the whole scheme of training it is often the days where you just don’t really have the time or desire to train but do it anyway that make the difference in the end. Today was one of those days. I’d had a long day on Monday out of the office and home late on my rest day. Today let’s just say that my diet was no conducive to good training after a lunchtime meeting in the pub. But I got home from work, warmed up, and got on with it anyway. So far I have done 6 x 600m (2r) in week 1 at 1:36.3 average pace, and 4 x 800m (3:30r) in week 2 at 1:36.0 pace. Today was in the middle both on rep distance and rest time, but 400m total session distance greater than the 800m reps last week. The aim was to do roughly the same pattern for reps 1 to 4, all sub 1:37, then hopefully have something left for a quick last rep.

5 x 700m / 2min45 rest:

2:15.5 / 1:36.7 / 34

2:15.3 / 1:36.6 / 34

2:15.4 / 1:36.7 / 33

2:15.3 / 1:36.6 / 34

2:13.0 / 1:35.0 / 35

3500m = 11:14.5 / 1:36.3 / 34

So nicely on targets, but the general condition tells by the rate being 1spm higher, and the fast last not being quite as quick as the past 2 weeks. Marginal things, but that’s what makes the difference on race day. But understanding, recognising, and compensating on your approach to the session is a great asset to have in your tool kit.

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