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Rowpro 45mins

Posted by thepeteplan on September 14, 2013

Sometimes your choice of training location should be thought out a little more. I prefer to row out on the patio if I can. If there is a chance of rain I put a ziploc bag over the PM4 to stop it getting wet. The rest of the erg is fine, you sweat all over it every session, so a little rain won’t hurt. But what do you do if you want to do your session on rowpro, so need your laptop too? I don’t have a ziploc bag bin enough to contain my laptop, so had to resort instead to clingfilm.

extreme weather erging

It was a good move, it did rain fairly heavily for the final 15mins of the session. Unfortunately 2 layer of cling film over your laptop screen do obscure your viewing a little, though surprisingly the touchpad mouse was still usable.

A bit too fast really for a steady day, but with the stroke rate it was still fairly light work, so I should be good for the final core day of the week tomorrow.



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