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8 x 1250m / 1min rest

Posted by thepeteplan on September 13, 2013

I was close to putting today’s session off until tomorrow. I could think of lots of good excuses. I didn’t train on Wednesday or Thursday as I was at a work show in London. I didn’t get home until after 10pm last night having left before 8am, and had a few beers in London with some guys I used to work with before heading home on the train. I didn’t feel good. It looked like it was quite likely to rain. But if I put the session off until tomorrow then that would mean 3 days off in a row, and that is never a good thing, and then I’d only have to do the session tomorrow anyway. So I wheeled the erg out of the garage to the patio, stuck a ziploc bag on the monitor in case it rained, did a 5min warm up, and off I went.

8 x 1250m / 1min rest:

4:22.3 / 1:44.9 / 29

4:22.2 / 1:44.8 / 29

4:22.1 / 1:44.8 / 30

4:22.3 / 1:44.9 / 30

4:22.3 / 1:44.9 / 30

4:23.2 / 1:45.2 / 30

4:23.3 / 1:45.3 / 30

4:20.1 / 1:44.0 / 30

10000m = 34:57.9 / 1:44.8 / 28

I don’t ever deliberately slow down mid session, but it was feeling hard after 5 reps, and I wasn’t sure I could get to the end of the session if I kept pushing for sub 1:45 pace. 1:44.9 to 1:45.3 might look like a pretty small change in pace on paper, but it’s just enough to make the difference. I also wanted to keep myself close enough to be able to pull the average pace back on the final rep. Oh, and coincidentally it did rain throughout the final 3 reps!

The 1min rest periods between reps were really feeling very short in the second half of the session. I wonder how I ever managed to row routine 10ks under 1:45 pace as single rows a few years ago, and certainly how I got down to 1:43.1 pace for my pb. But then I’ve made big gains over the past few weeks back much closer to where I used to be, so who knows how much closer I can push myself over the next 3 months to BIRC.

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