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Back in the game

Posted by thepeteplan on September 6, 2013

Today’s session was always going to be a fairly tough one. Sometimes you have to put it on the line a bit to make gains though, or at least to see what is possible. I like to call this forced adaption, ie if your force your body (and mind) to go quicker than it wants to then it will adapt to make it easier next time. I said some time ago in my blog that my main aim for this year was to get back to rowing a sub 35minute 10k. I’m never going to do that if I’m doing reps sessions slower than that. So with only a 30min total session time today my aim was to do all reps under 1:45 pace, even though this is the pace I have recently done for 5 x 5mins with 5min rest. So one more rep, and under a third of the rest period.

I therefore had to play some mental games to drive through this one. The first mark in the sand was that I have recently done a couple of 5k rows at 1:45 pace, and that is the equivalent of 3.5 reps of this session. So there was no excuse not to do 3.5 reps at target pace as I’ve done that as a one off without the 90sec rest periods. Then with the 90sec rest periods there is then no reason not to get through 4 reps. So that’s 2/3rds of the session complete then. This next one will perhaps sound alien to some, but very familar to others. The penultimate rep I can always treat as the last important rep to get on pace. Why? Because I will be doing the final rep faster, so that’s different and not part of the core of the session, right? I told you it would sound odd. So rep 5 was the only one that really needed some mental focus. Then into the final rep, the fast last, and it’s all down hill.

6 x 5mins / 90sec rest:

1430m / 1:44.8 / 29

1431m / 1:44.8 / 29

1431m / 1:44.8 / 29

1431m / 1:44.8 / 29

1432m / 1:44.7 / 30

1465m / 1:42.3 / 31

Totals: 8620m / 1:44.4 / 29

The question now is how do I continue to push on harder and faster week on week for the next 3 months in order to put in a respectable performance at BIRC? Simple, I dwell on the past and tell myself that this is still 2sec / 500m slower than my 30minute PB, and not even a second quicker than the pace of my 60minute PB!

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