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Half marathon – GB #1 ranked

Posted by thepeteplan on April 14, 2013

After the tough interval session on Friday I felt tired when it came to training time yesterday. After a 3km warm up I just didn’t fancy any sort of session on the erg, even a slow distance piece. So after a quick change of clothes I went out for my first cross country run in perhaps 6 months, since the last time I did a park run last year. Running is not something I particularly enjoy, though I do like going out in the fresh air and doing something with no targets or numbers in mind. I don’t know how far the course is I run, and I don’t take a watch to know how quickly I’m running it. In the ball park of 30mins, and somewhere in the region of 7 to 8km.

I like to take a rest day on a Monday at the moment, as it is my longest working day of the week due to the traffic on my commute. So I came up with the bright idea of doing a half marathon. I’d not rowed for over 60mins in a long time (since last September it turned out), and needed a target to get me through it. I decided to go for a top 3 time in the GB 30-39 rankings, as the ranking year is up in a couple of weeks. As it turned out, on checking the world rankings on what time that meant I had to target, I was already in the number 3 spot with the last HM I did in September 2012! I had commited my mind though by now, so a HM it was to be. There was only one target left for it, the top spot. The time needed was a full 90seconds or so quicker than the last HM I’d done, and quicker than any of the hour rows I have done since. The ultimate target was to beat 78min14.8 seconds, or 1:51.2 pace. For me the only way to row a long distance piece with a specific pace target is to try to sit on or just under the target from start to finish. I don’t like to get to half way with any time to make up, and I don’t like to risk going out any harder than necessary and risk not finishing – why give yourself an excuse? Here is how it went:


HM_14Apr13 ranking


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