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An increase in training volume

Posted by thepeteplan on March 17, 2013

As a change of training stimulus I have increased the volume of training for a few days. My comfort zone at the moment is 30-40min rows each day (and even then probably averaging 4 or 5 sessions a week), so by increasing to 60min rows it will be a good boost to the training effect. The aim for each of these was simply to get through the distance while working reasonably hard, so each was rowed in a slightly different format.


60mins = 16088m / 1:51.8 / 26
10min splits:
1:52.3 / 26
1:52.4 / 26
1:52.5 / 26
1:52.4 / 26
1:52.3 / 26
1:49.2 / 28

The aim of this row was simply to go over 16km for the hour, so it was rowed as a flat pace with a faster last 10mins when the finish line was in sight.


60mins = 15945m / 1:52.8 / 26
10min splits:
1:54.8 / 24
1:53.6 / 25
1:53.3 / 26
1:52.4 / 26
1:52.3 / 27
1:50.7 / 28

Saturday’s row was done with a format I like to mentally break up the longer rows. The base pace of the row was a fairly comfortable 1:56 / 1:57, with 10+1 harder strokes at each 2.5min point. So after 2min30 I do 10 harder strokes, after 5mins I do 11 harder strokes, and so on throughout the hour. The mental games of just remembering how many strokes you have to do next time gets you through it!


60mins = 16047m / 1:52.1 / 26
10min splits:
1:52.1 / 25
1:52.1 / 25
1:52.6 / 26
1:52.4 / 26
1:52.2 / 27
1:51.4 / 27

And Sunday was an amalgamation of the two. A steady first 20mins, then the 10+1 format for the last 40mins (just because I couldn’t face the monotony of another 40mins otherwise!).

Monday is likely to be a rest day as I tends to be my longest work day, solely due to the traffic on my commute being worse than any other day! Last week I fell foul of doing an interval session on Monday after work that didn’t quite go to plan, so Monday is the best day to rest, and not go through the week fatigued!

One Response to “An increase in training volume”

  1. Lucy said

    I have recently done the same after injury. I have been completing 40 min ergs once a week with 30 mins ergs once a week followed by weights twice a week.

    Im finding I am stronger.

    However, With a looming 2K coming our plan is now to complete 3x2K’s at race pace and I am not sure how productive that would be!! I might be undoing my current progress.

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