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Posted by thepeteplan on February 9, 2013

4 x 2k is one of the best and one of the worst sessions you can do. Mentally it is always challenging seeing 2000m on the monitor when you know you have to row it hard. Knowing there are still 3 more, then 2 more, then 1 more to go after this 2000m makes it especially mentally tough. But any session that is mentally tough it going to provide big training benefits.

A week ago I did the first of the Pete Plan longer rep sessions with the 5 x 1500m / 5min rest. For that session I targetted just under 1:45 pace with a fast last rep. Mental adaption is the biggest gain when you haven’t done hard interval training for some time, so despite being 8000m rather than 7500m total session distance, 3 rest periods rather than 4, and 33% longer reps, I decided to target the same pace for yesterday’s session.

4 x 2k / 5min rest:
6:59.4 / 1:44.8 / 29
6:59.6 / 1:44.9 / 29
6:59.2 / 1:44.8 / 30
6:50.9 / 1:42.7 / 31

8000m = 27:49.2 / 1:44.3 / 29

You can’t help but feel good when you achieve your target on this session, even if it is some way below the best you have done on it before. You can only do what you can do on the day though, and work from there.

The only other session of note earlier this week was a first attempt at this month’s CTC challenge, a straight 30mins:

30mins = 8317m / 1:48.2 / 27
5min splits:
1:47.9 / 28
1:47.9 / 28
1:51.0 / 25
1:49.8 / 25
1:47.9 / 27
1:44.6 / 29

It felt like too far to go after 10mins to maintain the pace, but I didn’t want to risk not finishing the session so decided to slow right down. Feeling better physically the mentally after a 5min “break” I managed to slowly pull the pace back down, and finish not too far off the initial target.

Now I head off to the US for another week of work. Washington DC tomorrow, Maryland on Monday, back to DC, then onwards to Pennsylvania before heading home on Thursday. Will I see an erg in any of the hotel gyms?


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