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Christmas day interval training

Posted by thepeteplan on December 26, 2012

4 days into the holiday, and 4 for 4 on the training days so far! Yesterday was another steady 10k session, which is pretty much all I had planned to do during the holiday.

10k = 37:47.6 / 1:53.3 / 24

Today I decided that I should really do the interval session that I had set as the first session for the Boston 2k training group for today. I don’t think it is a session I’ve ever done before, and generally I would not set a session without first attempting it to be sure I’ve got the target paces right. 625m reps were picked as the half way point between 500s and 750s, so made sense as a new session to try.

6 x 625m / 3min rest:
2:01.0 / 1:36.8 / 34
2:01.0 / 1:36.8 / 34
2:01.0 / 1:36.8 / 33
2:01.5 / 1:37.2 / 34
2:02.4 / 1:37.9 / 33
2:00.8 / 1:36.6 / 34
Totals: 3750m = 12:07.7 / 1:37.0 / 33

In working out the target paces for the new people I’m coaching in this group training I worked off an estimated current 2k pace. The question I asked all of the athletes was “if you were to do a 2k time trial today, what time do you think you would achieve?”. To set initial paces for interval training like this it is the best way to get a good ball park starting point. For this session I then set the target pace band as between that 2k pace, and 1second faster for the first 5 reps, and a fast last rep. I had done a 6:26 for 2k in the recent Newark race, but have done pretty much no speed work since, including 10 days off training with a bad cold. So I estimated that I could just break 6:30 for 2k at the moment, so a target pace band of 1:36.5 to 1:37.5 for this session. As you can see, I started off ambitiously towards the faster end, and had to slow in reps 4 and 5 in order to get through the session. Aside from rep 5 all were within the guidelines for the session, and the overall average was exactly at the mid point of the target band. I would imagine like most other people who do hard reps on the rowing machine I hate interval training when I’ve not done it for a while though. The only thing that gets me back on the erg for more is knowing the benefits it will bring me.

Comment answer:

Kirstin commented on a recent blog entry with a question of how tall I am. I am 182cm / 5′ 11.5″, so just marginally under 6 feet tall.

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