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Back training, and heading to the USA

Posted by thepeteplan on December 20, 2012

The last training session I did was a 60mins on 9th December. I spent a few days after that finishing work on the final masters degree paper of the term, then went down ill with some sort of cold / flu. 10 complete days of no training, or even energy to train, and that sucks.

The masters paper was submitted, and that means no more uni work till April. I finished work for Christmas yesterday, and now have 2 weeks off, and 5 weeks out of the office! So today was a good day to get back on the erg and start training again.

10k = 37:52.0 / 1:53.6 / 24

So off to the airport tomorrow for 2 weeks in Seattle. Planning to train every day during that period. Then I get back home for a couple of days then fly back out for work, a week in Florida then a few days in Las Vegas. Then back home for a couple of days, then off to Cornwall, again for work. Training during the 3 weeks of work travel could be hit and miss, all depends what the hotel gyms are like. The Florida hotel I’ve stayed in before, but don’t think I’ve used the gym in it. The Las Vegas hotel should have a great gym I would think as it’s a huge hotel.

Apart from the travel over the next few weeks I am looking forward to 3 months of decent training. Doing a part time masters degree on top of everything else certainly takes time and mental energy away from training, so with that out of the way for a few months I should be able to look forward to getting back into some sort of form. My main aim for the 3 months is with a better diet and more consistent training to get back as close as possible to 200lbs. When I raced in Boston last February I was at an all time high of 225lbs, and am currently tipping the scales at around 218lbs. Anywhere from 195 to 205 is a much better weight for me, and I will be a lot faster just for that alone. Ultimately my aim is to get back to a stable 196lbs (14 stone). Pace will come, so I have no specific targets there.

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  1. Kirstin (bloke, so your sure) said

    How tall are you?

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