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Posted by thepeteplan on December 9, 2012

It is funny how one day you can struggle both mentally and physically, and the next everything feels easy. Yesterday I set out to do a steady 10k at 1:52.5 pace, but felt mentally and physically drained and stopped after just 6k. Today I decided to set 60mins on the monitor with the aim of doing at least 40mins, with the final 20mins being bonus training.

60mins = 16253m / 1:50.7 / 26
10min splits:
1:51.5 / 26
1:51.6 / 26
1:51.7 / 26
1:51.2 / 26
1:50.7 / 27
1:47.6 / 28

The first 40mins felt like a fairly comfortable cruise, hence the slight increase in pace from half way. Then for the last 20mins it was just a gradually increase in pace. This isn’t that fast when I look at the bigger picture of pbs (17116m / 1:45.2), but on current form it is a good solid endurance row. And it is always a good sign when you want to finish longer rows hard.


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