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Half marathon – GB #1

Posted by thepeteplan on September 1, 2012

As I am going away for 10 days with work tomorrow to the US I wanted to have a fairly tough few training days in order to get some benefit while I have enforced rest for a few days now. So a good final session to do before going away was my longest row in a long time, a half marathon. In order to motivate myself I picked a stiff target of getting to the top of the GB 2013 rankings for my age group, which required going under 81:05, or 1:54.6 pace. I set a target from this of breaking 80mins (it looks a lot quicker on paper) which is 1:53.7 pace, with an aim of simply keeping the average pace just under this right from the start. Although I like to row the second half a little quicker on long distance rows I don’t like to get to half way and have to row the second half quicker to make the target.

21097m = 79:26.5 / 1:52.9 / 25
4300m splits:
1:53.3 / 25
1:53.2 / 25
1:53.2 / 25
1:53.1 / 25
1:51.7 / 25

Top of the GB rankings now for 30-39 men:

And the monitor picture from the row:

Sub 80mins is always a good standard for a half marathon. Some way from my 74:36.5 pb, but I was right at peak fitness when I set that time.

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