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60mins (fartlek PP style)

Posted by thepeteplan on August 12, 2012

A Pete Plan style fartlek row this afternoon over 60mins. I believe the literal translation of fartlek is “speed play”, or bursts of more intense effort within a more stready training piece. Rather than make these completely random I like to keep a set format whereby I row a steady pace, then do an increasing number of hard strokes at each 2.5 minute point. So after 2min30 I do 10 hard strokes, after 5mins 11 hard strokes, and so on increasing by 1 stroke each time. In the last third this means I’m doing over a minute hard in each 2min30 section. Mentally this is a great way to split up a longer row (or run, or bike, or whatever your chosen form of cardio is). How easy to do the steady section and how hard to do the hard bursts is really down to how you feel on the day.

60mins = 15876m / 1:53.3 / 25
10min splits:
1:55.4 / 24
1:53.8 / 24
1:53.3 / 25
1:53.1 / 25
1:52.9 / 26
1:51.5 / 26

Hot work in the garden this afternoon, and the longest row I’ve done in some time. I need to do more of these.

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