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Posted by thepeteplan on August 6, 2012

I had time for another 30min row after work today, so opted for a little higher stroke rate to allow a faster pace. As I haven’t put in the hard sessions recently these are much tougher mentally than they are physically. I know I am not close to max, so it is just a matter of slowly putting the pace back in session by session.

30mins = 8151m / 1:50.4 / 25
5min splits:
1:52.1 / 24
1:51.8 / 24
1:50.9 / 25
1:50.7 / 25
1:49.5 / 26
1:47.2 / 27

It is not fast, closer to marathon pb pace than even half marathon pace for me, but it is a step back in the right direction. If I warmed up first I would be able to start off quicker and be under 1:50 average, and once I’m back there I’ll start pushing the distance back up when time allows. The priority really needs to be to put back in some interval training though to get some rapid improvements.

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