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Another 30r20

Posted by thepeteplan on August 5, 2012

My priority at the moment is to use the training sessions I do to build fitness while operating at a good stroking power. 30min rate20 rows fit the bill quite well to allow me to work reasonably aerobically hard, with a good stroking power, for a reasonable duration. Of course the word reasonable will be removed in due course when I am back to working hard for a long duration!

30mins = 7958m / 1:53.0 / 20

5min splits = 1:52.4, 1:52.5, 1:53.0, 1:54.9, 1:54.6, 1:50.9

As Saturday was spent at a barbeque eating good food and drinking good wine and beer this was a much needed recovery session.

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