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CTC 8 x 2mins and tactics

Posted by thepeteplan on May 6, 2012

The CTC this month is an interesting on tactically. With just the fastest and slowest to count for your score it is fairly obviously that you want 7 reps at exactly the same distance and one faster. With that in mind the next consideration is that for every second slower you go on the first 7 reps, you only need to go one second quicker on the final rep. Up to a point most people will be able to go more than a second quicker on the final rep by going a second slower on the first 7. So the key, in my opinion, is finding the balance point where you’re effectly doing a strong warm up for 7 reps then a flat out sprint for the 8th.

For my first attempt, because I was swapping the session out for a very similar session of 600m reps at 1:40 pace I decided for training effect I would do 1:40 pace (or really 601m to make it just under 1:40 pace as it looks better on paper) for the first 7 then sprint the last.

CTC 8 x 2mins / 2min rest:
601m / 1:39.8 / 31
601m / 1:39.8 / 30
601m / 1:39.8 / 30
601m / 1:39.8 / 30
601m / 1:39.8 / 31
602m / 1:39.6 / 31
601m / 1:39.8 / 31
649m / 1:32.4 / 35

16mins = 4857m / 1:38.8 / 31

Slowest + faster = 601+649 = 1250m

I could have done the last rep faster if I’d properly sprinted it, but I can tell that this isn’t the optimum pattern yet. If I went a second slower for the first 7 reps I would definitely be able to go more than a second quicker on the last. Where will the balance point come? Well, I think I could do 1:45 for the first 7 and be pretty much completely fresh for the last, and do a 1:27 paced final rep to beat this. But without any fast sprint work I think that would be about the extreme for a 1250m+ for me at the moment. So probably somewhere around 1:43 / 1:44 might yield the best overall result on current form.

Interestingly this gave me the exact same result as Wizzo, yet his set average was around 2.5seconds quicker. I could not do the 8 reps all at 1:36.4 or faster as he did, and so a flat paced effort is definitely not the best method for me.

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