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Beyond BIRC

Posted by thepeteplan on April 13, 2012

I seem to have neglected posting in my blog for about a month again, and I’m sure I would train better if I was reporting what I was doing more regularly. I last posted in the run up to the British Indoor Rowing championships, where my aim was to beat the time I’d done in Boston (world champs) in February, and to be recovered from the rib / intercostal injury that had been affecting me for weeks before. In Boston I had rowed a 6:29, and therefore the plan at BIRC was to row a steady 1:37 / 1:38 pace for 1500m, then speed up in the final 500m – the best method to ensure (if I was fit enough) I would beat the 6:29 from Boston.

The race went like this:

2k = 6:27.4 / 1:36.8 / 32
500m split:

My plan following BIRC was simple – don’t race over the summer at all and concentrate on getting fit again and getting back to my preferred racing weight. A year of working away from home, long commutes and many nights in hotels is not conducive to good training unless you are very disciplined, unfortunately I was not. It is a gradual process that you don’t really notice though when you’ve been training at a fairly high level / standard. Less training and of less quality means that the fitness level slowly drops, and the scales slowly rise.

So where was I, and where am I aiming to get to? A week to 10 days before Boston I rowed a 6:25 for 2k, but in doing so reaggravated the rib injury that I thought was about gone, hence the 6:29 in Boston. At that point I was at the heaviest weight that I think I have ever been in my life, 16st or 224lbs (a little over 100kg!!). At BIRC I rowed the 6:27, then injury free, at 15st 11lbs, or 221lbs, where I have stalled since. Where I want to be back to is 14st or 196lbs, and I know that will aid my pace on the erg a lot (and the training to get back there will help too!). So 25lbs to lose through better diet and consistent training.

I will aim to report back here at least weekly both on the training I’ve been doing, and with a current weigh in. Still, if I can row 6:25 to 6:27 when fat and unfit, it has to be a good sign?

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